Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen: Compose a series of anecdotes

Day eighteen : compose a series of anecdotes


One day in college, my classmate Hasina said, ‘Chaman, let’s go out to see a movie in Gulistan Cinema Hall.’

I asked, ‘who else is going?’

She named two other girls who lived in the college residence as well. Though delighted I asked, ‘Did you get permission from Sister Joseph Mary?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘and my aunt will be our chaperone.’

To get permission to go to a movie we were required to have  a chaperone.

Next day we got ready, it was a matinee show, so Sister had no objection.Ten minutes before we got out Hasina’s aunt sent a message, which said she was sorry she couldn’t go with us. I knew without a chaperone Sr. Joseph Mary would not allow us to go. Hasina suggested we should go anyway that we shouldn’t tell the teacher.

Now in our group of four there was another Hasina whom I’ll call Hasina  #2.

We settled it among ourselves we won’t mention we went without a chaperone. It was a hot sunny day, we walked out of our college to get two rickshaws. A gentleman out of nowhere, introduced himself as God knows who he said. He offered to give us a ride to wherever we were going. When one of us told him we were going to the movies, he said he was going somewhere near where the movie hall was.

I told him, ‘Sorry we’ll take a rickshaw,’ I thanked him for his generosity.

The girls were annoyed with me because I declined the offer. I told them he was a stranger, I didn’t see his car, it was risky, because he probably was a kidnapper. In my opinion it was better to get sunburn than to agree to go with a guy we did not know.

It took us a while to get transportation at 2 pm, as if the whole city was taking a catnap.We managed to get an auto-rickshaw  for the four of us. We didn’t have any problem, we reached the movie hall and bought our tickets.

We hired another auto-rickshaw on our way back to the college. Everything was going smooth, to our surprise Sister Joseph Mary summoned us one at a time, except Hasina #2.We wondered why but our curiosity was cleared by #2 who claimed she was shaking and crying when she saw Sister Joseph Mary, she had to tell her the truth.

As far as we were concerned Sister Joseph Mary was unhappy with us for not telling her.

Hasina #2 wanted to be the center of attention, how could she miss the chance of hearing our teacher say she was conscientious and we were liars.

Evie my friend and classmate was furious with #2, to her she appeared like a snake in the grass. And if she was that saintly, she should have stayed back. We did ask her if it was okay that we were going without a chaperone, ‘oh yes,’ she said, ‘I’m determined to watch a movie today.’

After Evie who incidentally did not go with us told #2 off, she(#2) went back to the teacher and shed her crocodile tears again. This time all thirty two of us were summoned to a meeting. Sister Joseph Mary was livid!



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