WordPress Prompt, 24th November : Chaotic

In response to daily post’s prompt: Chaotic

Felicia was in her classroom, giving instructions on the new Math  chapter they were about to start that morning. She barely told them to open the page, when she was interrupted by a knock on the door. One of the kid’s volunteered to open the door to find out who was outside the door. The person whispered something to the kid, the kid not knowing what to do, said out loud, “Miss you’re wanted at the office.”

The teacher told the kids she’d be back soon and told them to start working on the math problem solving page.

She was out not even a minute when Harry, threw a pencil on the floor. Mike one of the mischievous boys, announced, ‘Let’s play a game of hide and go seek.’

In the beginning the other kids gave him a look, then Patricia the tomboy decided to round up everyone and divide the class into groups of four.While this was going on, Ann started throwing up in the middle of the classroom. The smell was unbearable,  some of the kids, threw their books and ran outside the classroom. The remaining kids were trying to cover their nose and yelling, ‘Ann you should’ve stayed home, look what you’ve done!’

Ann started howling, one of the girls’ tried to calm her but she cried louder. Twenty minutes later the teacher came back and found the whole class in disarray, books on the floor, Ann crying, half the kids out, and the remaining arguing.

Felicia took out her whistle to maintain order, but things became worse. She got so angry she got hold of the chalk and printed in large letters, “Be Quiet Or I Will Call The Principal.”

In the meantime the kids who ran out came in, they saw the words on the board, ‘Teacher,’ they said, ‘it’s Ann’s fault, she threw up and the classroom is stinky, you should send her to the Principal for the mess and also for  screaming, it’s not our fault.’

The classroom that day looked like a war zone and the kids as unruly soldiers, who the teacher said, ‘should be court martialled!’