Daily Prompt : Vigor

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt :Vigor

I’d like to use the synonym of, ‘VIGOR,’ the word I have chosen is strength, somehow I feel I’m more comfortable with strength. When I think of vigor my mind stops thinking after the last letter. I’m lost, it happens automatically.

I’ve given enough reasons why the synonym of the word helps me think.

We have all kinds of strength, in speaking, in listening, in carrying heavy things from one place to another.

I then started thinking what kind of strength do I have. I can read, I can speak,I can cook, I can entertain friends by inviting them to have dinner in my house.

Most of us have mental and physical strengths. But not all of us can claim to be perfect, then I stop and say in my mind. I have strengths but I’m not comparing it with anyone I’m only thinking about myself. That I can speak clearly I consider it my strength and all the things I can do effortlessly pleases me.

I may not have the kind of stamina to walk as a marathon walker, only because I haven’t practiced . This is ¬†where we all our different.How much energy did we use to do well in reading, speaking, studying or in physical activity or mental activity. We only reap as much benefit as we work hard for.

I love watching figure skating, while watching I think, I wish I could skate like Michele, then I hear a voice, ‘she started skating when she was a little girl, you weren’t even in a place where they had this sport.’

But one thing is certain you can accomplish a lot of things if you work hard. Strength, stamina, ability,or vigor, can be achieved with hard work.