Daily Prompt : Culture

In response to daily post’s prompt : Culture

There is a lot we can talk about when we think of culture. Let me talk about animal culture weird as it may seem, but my  daughter and I have noticed something very different about our three felines, two are Siamese and we got them from the same litter. Our third feline is a stray, rescued by SPCA(Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals).

I noticed this  kitten in a  store where  my daughter shops for cat food. She was not even a kilogram in weight when we got her, she was scared and our Siamese felines were not pleased to see her. I was not thinking of having another kitten, two was enough. This little kitten resembled a cat we had, you can call it impulse because  I decided on the spot, I want to adopt her. I had no plan it just happened.

We named the kitten Sophie, in the first few weeks she was scared she stayed away from our full grown cats. On the third week Raphael one of the Siamese cats, went near her and gave her a  gentle rub and moved on. His brother Gabriel was not that sweet, he did not hiss but hit her with his paw and wouldn’t let her use the litter.

My daughter was out of town for a week I noticed Sophie was pooping in places where felines don’t. I spoke to my daughter, told her if this continues we’ll have to return her to the SPCA.

After my daughter came home she began to watch the felines, she noticed Gabriel blocked the door to the litter room every time Sophie wanted to use it. Hence Sophie had no choice but to relieve herself wherever it was convenient for her, i.e she avoided Gabriel.

When we realized the problem we kept a close watch, regardless of what Gabriel understood, I told him you will not stop Sophie from using the litter, if you do we will give you away. Whether he understood or not he started staying away from Sophie. Our problem was solved, Sophie was able to use the litter without any problem.

We have three bowls for the felines, when I put food in their bowl, I tell each one their bowl by pointing out. Raphael and Gabriel ate from their bowl, Sophie did not, she’d push them away and start eating from their bowl, Raphael and Gabriel would leave  without complaining.

Gradually Sophie recognized her bowl, whenever the other two cats approach her bowl, she pushes them away.

My daughter and I were discussing the behavior of the three felines. I said, ‘There is a noticeable difference in the behavior  of Raphael and Gabriel, because they were raised in a home with their parents. They do not act wild.”

Sophie is a stray, after her birth she was put in the wild. She was in an island left to fend for herself, she had to fight for survival, she learned to get food by taking it away from the other strays.

I can see an interesting change in Sophie, when she’s hungry, she has her paws together and looks at me. It’s my cue to give her food. She doesn’t cry she waits. Even though she is a feline from the wild she exhibits proper manners, which she learned after we got her.

I enjoy watching our felines, by now I know what they like and dislike. It’s quite an experience for me.

It shows how a bit of attention can change the attitude of animals.

Culture is something we learn from proper education, although there are exceptions to this rule. For the past month and a half I’ve noticed some billionaires with zero manners!

…………………………………. 🙂