Daily Prompt : Faded

In response to daily post’s prompt : Faded

A Christmas Story

Ten year old Melanie wanted a special gift from her parents for Christmas. Her mom’s response was disheartening, she waited for her Dad to come back from work, she was sure he’d never say No. Something happened at work her dad arrived home and went straight to his room, quietly the little girl tiptoed to her dad’s room.

She called him in a whisper, ‘Dad can you buy?…

Her dad immediately screamed and said, ‘No I can’t buy anything for anyone, so don’t tell me what you want, I lost my job this afternoon, you’d be lucky if I could buy food for us!

Melanie’s sweet face faded. She was stunned, she went to her room and started crying. Suddenly a thought came to her, ‘I can ask God for the gift they say if I’m good He will reward me with  whatever I want.’

Next few days Melanie helped her mother, she spent time with her dad told him about school, how she’s getting all A’s in all the subjects. She forgot about the Christmas gift and spent time reading and playing little games with her cat, who she named Cutie. Whenever she was sad about anything , she’d tell Cutie about it.

Days were passing at a slow pace, she saw her friends carrying large boxes of something. She thought it’s the Christmas season it must be her friends are carrying their gifts. She didn’t have the heart to talk about gifts, her parents cannot afford to buy her anything. How can she ask her friends about gifts?

Two days before Christmas, there was a loud knock on the door, Melanie was drawing a picture of Cutie, but the cat kept snatching it and chewing it, frustrated she said,   ‘puss  what’s wrong we don’t give you enough food?’

She heard the knock but no one answered the door, the second knock was even louder. Reluctantly she got up to answer the door. To her surprise standing before her was a tall man with a cartload of food, clothing, toys,you name it everything one can dream of was in this awesome cart.

There was a large letter, it was addressed to Melanie, the man said, ‘Are you Melanie, this is for you, it’s packed neatly, I’m sent straight from Heaven to give this to you. I’m Angel Gabriel, I’m told you were going to pray to God for this gift. Well God read your mind and He (God) said whenever my people ask for things in their mind I hear it and I never disappoint them. You and your parents have a very, Merry Christmas!   🙂



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Faded

  1. Dear Ranu,

    What a wonderfully inspiring story this is! 🙂

    May we all turn to the Giver of all gifts.

    All good wishes,


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