Everyday Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap it Up

Day Twenty : Wrap it Up


On day seventeen, I wrote about St. John’s, NL . For Day Twenty ,Wrap it Up, I’ve chosen to redo, A Map As Your Muse.

My previous post was about St. John’s, I realized after I posted it, I had written plenty about the city, but failed to recognize the town of Gander. It was the place where we came first and spent a lot of time there.

It was where I started my professional career as a teacher. I met some awesome kids who were delighted to see a teacher who came from a different place, a place they never heard about until they met me.

I was strict and loving depending on the circumstances, when they gradually understood what I like and dislike, they co-operated with me wholeheartedly. This is not to say, there were no rebels in this tale of perfectionism, there were and they did not hesitate to let their feelings known.

I took their attitude with a grain of salt. There is no perfect world with perfect people, why must I as an adult think children should be perfect.

The school where I taught was only two doors from where I lived, we bought the house from the manager of the bank who told my husband he should buy it because it would be convenient for me.

On one of our quest of looking for a house, we passed by it, my husband pointed out the house Mr.Walker was keen to sell. From the outside it wasn’t impressive, I didn’t want to see what was inside. My husband insisted and I reluctantly came out of the car on a cold March day. We rang the doorbell, Mrs. Walker let us in, what I saw mesmerized me. No wonder they say,”Do not judge the book by its cover.”

I told my husband, ‘We do not need to see another house, I like this one, let’s buy it!”

We told Mr. Walker we’d buy the house and we did.

Below is the picture of the house.We spent many years in this house, we loved it. Since the winter in Gander was snowy and cold, my husband had a garage built which was attached to the house, to avoid the accumulation of snow on the car. The garage was useful for storing the snow blower, the lawn mower and other things that were not possible to store in the house.

We had a gorgeous hedge in front of the house, one summer there were a lot of worms that killed the grass and the hedge. We were able to restore the grass with the help of, ‘Weedman,’ the lawn care people, but gave up trying to have a hedge again.

After a while when the girls were ready to go for higher studies, we sold our house and moved to St. John’s.

Our house in Gander


Hindi song: Yeh mera deewanapan hai, singer Mukesh, posted and translated by Ranu

This is one on my favorite Hindi songs

You are dissatisfied with your love,

But I am proud of loving you.

Whether you believe it or not people certainly will.

This is my craziness or my pure love for you.

If you do not recognize it,

It’s the fault of your perception.

You are the only one I love,

I will wait for you,

whether you come or not.

In this dark atmosphere

one day I will have a heart attack and die,

Then even if you call me repeatedly,

I will never be able to come back!







Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen: Compose a series of anecdotes

Day eighteen : compose a series of anecdotes


One day in college, my classmate Hasina said, ‘Chaman, let’s go out to see a movie in Gulistan Cinema Hall.’

I asked, ‘who else is going?’

She named two other girls who lived in the college residence as well. Though delighted I asked, ‘Did you get permission from Sister Joseph Mary?’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘and my aunt will be our chaperone.’

To get permission to go to a movie we were required to have  a chaperone.

Next day we got ready, it was a matinee show, so Sister had no objection.Ten minutes before we got out Hasina’s aunt sent a message, which said she was sorry she couldn’t go with us. I knew without a chaperone Sr. Joseph Mary would not allow us to go. Hasina suggested we should go anyway that we shouldn’t tell the teacher.

Now in our group of four there was another Hasina whom I’ll call Hasina  #2.

We settled it among ourselves we won’t mention we went without a chaperone. It was a hot sunny day, we walked out of our college to get two rickshaws. A gentleman out of nowhere, introduced himself as God knows who he said. He offered to give us a ride to wherever we were going. When one of us told him we were going to the movies, he said he was going somewhere near where the movie hall was.

I told him, ‘Sorry we’ll take a rickshaw,’ I thanked him for his generosity.

The girls were annoyed with me because I declined the offer. I told them he was a stranger, I didn’t see his car, it was risky, because he probably was a kidnapper. In my opinion it was better to get sunburn than to agree to go with a guy we did not know.

It took us a while to get transportation at 2 pm, as if the whole city was taking a catnap.We managed to get an auto-rickshaw  for the four of us. We didn’t have any problem, we reached the movie hall and bought our tickets.

We hired another auto-rickshaw on our way back to the college. Everything was going smooth, to our surprise Sister Joseph Mary summoned us one at a time, except Hasina #2.We wondered why but our curiosity was cleared by #2 who claimed she was shaking and crying when she saw Sister Joseph Mary, she had to tell her the truth.

As far as we were concerned Sister Joseph Mary was unhappy with us for not telling her.

Hasina #2 wanted to be the center of attention, how could she miss the chance of hearing our teacher say she was conscientious and we were liars.

Evie my friend and classmate was furious with #2, to her she appeared like a snake in the grass. And if she was that saintly, she should have stayed back. We did ask her if it was okay that we were going without a chaperone, ‘oh yes,’ she said, ‘I’m determined to watch a movie today.’

After Evie who incidentally did not go with us told #2 off, she(#2) went back to the teacher and shed her crocodile tears again. This time all thirty two of us were summoned to a meeting. Sister Joseph Mary was livid!


Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: Map As Your Muse

Day seventeen :Map as your muse


Wikipedia image of St. John’s N L, Canada

St.John's_NFLD.jpg (2433×504)

This is the map of St. NL. Somewhere here, is my home. The population of the city is 277,701, according to the census of 2015, whether it has increased or decreased in a year is hard to figure out.

It’s the oldest city in North America. The summers here are cooler in comparison with the other cities in the mainland, Canada. The winters are colder and longer.

Our people are friendly always ready to help should the need arise. In the city our transportation is Metro bus, the drivers are friendly and welcome us whenever we travel by bus.

It’s very different in Montreal, the city where we visit quite frequently. The bus drivers here are unfriendly and are not ready to help should you need them, it’s more apparent when we speak English.

The last time I tried to ask a question, the driver’s angry face frightened me. It was my fault I spoke English, then again I didn’t try some of my French vocabulary, such as, ‘Bonjour Monsieur, je ne parlez pas francais. Good day sir. I do not speak French. It probably might  infuriate him more. I’m guessing, perhaps they’re not that bad.

Coming back to my favorite city, St John’s we are pretty laid back, nothing bothers us, we’re never in a hurry, sometimes even at work.Unless like the umpire in a tennis match, we get a code violation,like you’re allowed twenty five seconds to get a drink, one extra second can cost us a point, any longer, a game, any argument can cost us a match, this is tennis, in reality I find a lot of people take their time getting back to their office when the bell is rung, announcing the fifteen minutes break is over, get back to work. Some don’t care the gossip they started is not finished, they need five extra minutes.

All in all we are a  very relaxed bunch of people and we avoid confrontation.

…………………………………… 🙂

Everyday Inspiration,Day Sixteen : Mine Your Own Material

Day Sixteen : Mine your own material


“The Things We Leave Behind”

During our lifetime we accumulate a whole bunch of things, some are valuable others are something we got due to our habit of possessing it at a certain time. These things do not have any place in our heart, they were important because we saw someone else had it and the enjoyment they got by having this material thing. After sometime it lost its value and we were ready to get rid of it, because in our mind it was taking the space we didn’t have.One such thing I had was a tennis ball, I saw kid’s my own age have fun with it, I longed to have one like it. I requested my Dad for one, he went out the door to get one because his daughter asked for it. What happened to that thing I have no idea, perhaps I lost it while playing with it and didn’t care. I had my fill, I probably looked for something else to entertain me.

During all these years from childhood to adult stage, I had a few playthings but none gave me as much pleasure as a human friend.

The friend was the woman who delivered milk everyday. She had a big heart, she’d sit beside me everyday to ask me how I was. I was a chatterbox, I talked without stopping, not with everyone I met, but some people who I thought were nice to me.

Sarwar Jan was one of those people who made sure to sit and talk  with me at least five minutes or more if she had more time.

Some days I’d be very quiet which concerned her, she always called me Bibi, ‘what’s wrong? she’d say.

I’d turn my face away from her and reply,’Nothing.’

She had her own children, maybe she read my mind. All of a sudden she’d tell my mom, ‘Tomorrow I’ll bring a cup of milk for Bibi, I do not want money for it, it’ll be free for my Bibi.’

Sure enough next morning Sarwar Jan would bring a cup of milk for me and announce, ‘this is for you, now smile?’

I’d smile and start my non stop talking. Her face would brighten up with the words, ‘See my Bibi wanted milk.’

We had a long friendship me the eight year old and she perhaps thirty or more.I don’t know how old she was, I knew she had children, a husband and her buffaloes.

Six months after my Dad passed away, Mom decided to move to Comilla Bangladesh.The person whom I knew I’d miss the most was Sarwar Jan. I’d never know anyone as kindhearted as her, it hurt to leave her behind.

I can still  remember the tall and sweet friend of mine standing  on her doorstep waving us goodbye. I probably shed a tear or two never realizing I’d never see her again!


Everyday Inspiration, Day Fifteen: Take a Cue From Your Reader

Day Fifteen : Take a cue from your reader


I couldn’t use anything from the reader therefore I chose:

A Challenging Journey

It was the month of December, suddenly my husband decided to take a trip to his village to see his parents. We were living in Gander in those days. He called, “Air Canada,” and asked the guy at the ticket counter, to make reservation for his family to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, it was for him and me and our little seven month old baby. The gentleman told him because of the Christmas rush there were no seats available. He assured him he’d do the best he can.

A week later we got a call by the same gentleman, that there were some cancellations and if my husband was interested he can make reservation for us.

My husband was glad he’d get the opportunity to show the grandparents our baby. Our flight was in the evening, we got ready, took the necessary food for the baby, then we were on our way to the airport.

At the airport building my husband told me to wait in the lounge, while he went to the shop to buy some lotion for his dad. He paid for two bottles, one slipped from his hand and broke. Immediately my husband a very superstitious man thought it was a bad omen.

He came to me and said, ‘I dropped one of the bottles of lotion and it broke, I think something bad has happened!’

I said, ‘it’s an accident don’t worry everything will be okay.’

We reached Heathrow airport in London, England, everything was fine, our onward journey was by Pakistan International Airlines, the flight was supposed to go to Paris and then to Karachi.

A few minutes after our arrival, there was an announcement that the flight would be delayed by an hour because of thick fog at Charles de Gaulle airport.

We waited in the lounge, an hour later there was another announcement that the fog hadn’t cleared, the flight was further delayed by another hour. This continued for seven hours, finally the airlines  decided to  skip Paris and fly directly  to Karachi.

In Karachi I spoke to one of the gatekeepers, he said he doubts we’d be able to go to Dhaka that day and we might have to  stay overnight in Karachi. Moments later the guy came back and told me there was  good news we’d be able to fly to Dhaka the same day and  it was time to board the plane.

We were happy we’d reach Dhaka on the same day. When we landed in Dhaka my brother-in-law asked, ‘Did you get my telegram?’

I said, ‘No why?’

He stayed quiet, from Dhaka we took the ferry part of the journey, and then a boat to the village. While on the boat my husband asked, ‘How is dad, why didn’t he come to receive us?’

My brother-in-law said, ‘He has a cold I told him to stay home.’

I felt something wasn’t right, but kept quiet. When the boat was about to dock, my sister-in-law who was unable to hold the news any longer burst out crying, apparently my father-in-law died of a massive heart attack a week before our arrival!




Everyday Inspiration,Day Fourteen :Recreate a Single Day

Day Fourteen : Recreate a Single Day


It was  the 16th November, I woke up at 4 am in the morning, after brushing my teeth, I prepared myself for the morning prayer.

It took me close to a half hour to finish my prayer.After the prayer I prayed for my parents and siblings who have passed away.

It was close to 6 am in the morning, I felt sleepy, went back to bed for another hour and a half.

I woke up at 7:30 am, took care of my routine wash and went to the kitchen, waiting outside the door were the three catateers, Gabriel, Raphael and the latest edition Sophie.They seem to be saying, “It’s about time you showed up, we are starving, give us food this minute.”

“Relax,” I said, ” You Royal Felines, I have to warm up your food.”

“Do it fast, they meowed, or we’ll eat your books.”

One by one I warmed up their food, in the microwave, ten seconds each bowl. When I placed the food on the dining room floor, Gabriel meowed loud, “Not on the floor, put mine on the dining table.”

“All right your majesty I bowed I’ll place your bowl where you want it, hurry up and eat it.”

This done I had my breakfast, two slices of toast and a mug of Tetley tea, with a bit of milk and no sugar.

I went upstairs to clean their litter, which is a bit tough to do, then I disposed it off in the garbage can out in my backyard.

I came back and took a shower in the bathroom, got dressed and went to the bus stop to catch the bus which came at my stop after fifteen minutes.

It was a  cold morning, the day was dark and it was drizzling. In about fifteen minutes we arrived at the mall, I got up, thank Madame driver for her service, hopped out and went inside the mall.

Although it was only 10:00 am the mall was quite full. I took two three rounds, stopped at customer service to add ten more rides on my card.

I walked around the mall to increase the number of steps, when my Fitbit registered almost five thousand steps. I went to the bus stop to get a ride home.

I waited fifteen minutes at the stop, the route number I take was the fifth one, when it showed up I boarded the bus for my journey home. Before getting off I thanked mister driver who wished me a good day.

I came home turned on the TV watched the tennis match, the players were  UK’s Andy Murray and Japan’s Kei Nishikori. It was a tough battle in which Andy Murray claimed victory, although I wanted Nishikori to win.

The rest of the afternoon I spent taking a nap, feeding the Royals, and feeding myself.

In the evening I watched my favorite game show, ‘Jeopardy,’ and also, ‘wheel of fortune.’

It was nine pm I told the, Royal Felines , it was time to go to bed. They reluctantly stood up, and said,   “it’s time already, we aren’t sleepy?

‘Sorry Sweet hearts,’ I said, ‘But I’m more than ready to sleep, bye boys and sweet Sophie I’ll see you in the morning!’

And so ended my day without any major problem!

…………………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Thirteen:Play with word count

Day Thirteen : Play With Word Count


‘Going for a walk with my Uncle.’

When I was a little girl, the only relative who came to visit us was my maternal uncle Abu. We lived in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, at that time. My uncle Abu was the only one who lived close enough to be able to come and see us. All our other relatives lived in Bangladesh, it wasn’t practical financially to make such a long trip.

On one of his visits he invited me to go for a walk with him. I gladly accepted his invitation, our house was on Peshawar Road. It was a long straight road with a paved sidewalk, which continued as far as the children’s park.

I had a great time walking with him, I was proud to know he was an army major and wanted to take me for a walk. No one ever gave me any importance. It was a proud moment for me.

We walked as far as the park, turned around and headed home. When we reached the gate of our house, my uncle stopped and said, “I completely forgot something!”

“What did you forget uncle?” I said.

“To buy some candy for you.”

“No, you didn’t,” I said.

“What?”  He asked.

I said, “you did not want to buy me candies which is why you only mentioned when we reached the gate of the  house!”

My uncle was embarrassed, he said, “one of these days I’ll buy you a bag of candies, you’ll see!”

I said, “I don’t believe you.”

What happened after, I rather not write now, but save it for future!  🙂



Everyday Inspiration,Day Twelve:Critique a Piece of Work

Day Twelve : Critique a Piece of Work


Today I’d like to write about a memoir, the title of the book, “A House In The Sky.”

The authors are Amanda Lindhout& Sara Corbett

It is a story of a girl who kept her hopes of freedom alive even though she was kidnapped, tortured and starved.

I couldn’t believe human beings would stoop so low to get what they wanted.

While reading the book I was anxious to find out if she’d be free from the torture she went through. I almost wanted to skip the pages to know how this horror story ends.I realized I must be patient and read each page. In the end Amanda and her friend were united with their families.

It’s a memoir worth reading.