Daily Prompt : Protest

In response to daily post’s prompt : Protest

Sometimes protests can lead to all out war, when people lose their senses and fight with  each other. If there are two groups of, ‘For and against,’ then one should stay clear of those people.

I saw one protest first hand at my university. I asked my classmates why were the students hanging out at the Political Science department and threatening the Prof.?

Well according to them the head of the department of Political Science  told one of his students to skip the final exams, for he had decided, there will be one student on the First Class List,  and it will not be him. The student ignored the warning and sat for the exam, the Prof. stuck to his decision and placed him, on the Second Class List,  though he was a brilliant student.

This particular Prof. decided who gets, First Class, not on merit, but who he favored.

When he said the same thing to another student the following year, the students were enraged. They went to the department and demanded his resignation or they will boycott his classes.

The Vice Chancellor had no choice but to ask the Prof. to resign.