Daily Prompt : Treasure

In response to daily post’s prompt : Treasure

Good Health Is Wealth

No matter how much material wealth a person has, it’s useless if they lack good health. In large cities you’ll find thousands of people running around amassing wealth by fair and unfair means. Most of these people ignore their health they do not spend enough time to eat, sleep or rest.

Our body is a machine if we do not take proper care, it will collapse one day. Our best treasure is good health, if we are sick, the physician will tell us, ‘I’ll write a prescription for you, fill this prescription and make sure you take it daily.’

The pharmacist will gladly fill your prescription, this is his job.

In the meantime the medicine you are taking will if you’re not lucky ¬†create more problems. You go to your doctor again and come back with another piece of paper. Soon you find yourself with problems that cannot be solved.

You sit back and think of the reasons why you are sick.

One by one you watch the screen in front of you. You ate the wrong food, did not give your body proper rest, forgot that you need to do exercise to stay fit, but  did not forget to run the rat race to make money.

The money you made i.e your material treasure you’ve invested to make more. Now that you’re sick your wealth may or may not cure your health problems. You realize it’s too late you are a fool.

Your material wealth goes in the hands of your heirs, who care two hoots how hard you worked for it. They didn’t learn to earn but they certainly learned how to spend.