Daily Prompt : Mystical

In response to daily post’s prompt : Mystical

It is believed  everyone is born with mystical powers, such as Kindness, Loyalty, Bravery, honesty and Love.

I’ve read some of the Mystical experiences are : 1. gratitude 2. Life is seen as sacred

Much of our joyful feelings come from our sense of gratitude.

Life is seen as sacred: One develops a new sense of respect for sacredness of life which allows him/her to be here.

Would one consider a palmist as a mystic,because he can foretell your past, present or future, or is it completely  different from a mystic because a palmist studies palms, which is why he has enough knowledge to tell an individual about his past,present and future?

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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Mystical

  1. Tough question! I first thought that that I would go for option 2, i.e. a palmist is different from a mystic but then I read the post again and thought that it would depend on the palmist’s orientation. Maybe some palmists use their knowledge as a means for getting in touch with the sacredness of life?

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing with us this interesting post. I don’t know an answer to the questions you raise here.

    While a palmist may be able to tell me about my past, present, and future, it would be a *real* miracle if s/he could help me to be genuinely grateful for it all :).

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Robert,
      thank you so much for your comment. Actually I was thinking about the great palmist Cheiro who was able to tell so much about some famous people in History,
      my brother always used to tell me about him. I was young and did not understand. Now I’m thinking I wish I had his book I could possibly have some clue. 🙂

  3. I think there are very few among us who can be called mystics. I have not had much experience with palmists. Perhaps some can read palms but I would say it is very dangerous to know what lies in the future, even if it is the truth.

    • Thank you Sonya, yesterday I spent a lot of time reading about palmistry, there is a book written by a palmist named Cheiro. The title of the book
      is, ‘Cheiro’s palmistry for all.’ He is no longer alive but the work he left behind is truly, Fascinating.
      I know everyone cannot be a mystic, it would be awesome if we had some mystic qualities, which could make us treat everyone with love.
      In this last election the person elected is scary not only for the people of that particular country but humans in general. I just say, “God Help Us.”

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