Daily Prompt : Conundrum

In response to daily post’s prompt : Conundrum

Our Life’s Clock!

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Surely we know that we are in this world for a short time. It’s puzzling to experience, despite knowing this fact, some of us do not hesitate, to lie, cheat or worse kill to get ahead. Are we aware of the fact that our creator is not wasting any time taking down the good the bad and the ugly things we do. While we are transient passengers in this world, our hereafter is based on our deeds and it will be a permanent place.

I take a good look at myself and am thinking about my own deeds, sure there are good and bad, all of it cannot be good or bad. Then I imagine the scale and still imagining weighing the good and the bad things I’ve done. If my evil deed looks heavier than the good, I will know where I’m destined to.

My mother reminded me daily, ‘Ranu never tell a lie, unless your life is in jeopardy,because God never forgives if your lie has nothing to do with you being killed.’

To be honest I missed those days in school, claiming I was sick, or I was cold. These excuses do not say my life was in jeopardy i.e, I was not sick enough to die. As I sit here and count the lies I’ve told, compare with others I feel relieved that mine could never hurt any one but myself.

This is a conundrum I’m faced with, will I be forgiven or will my creator  put me in a cold place to suffer and remind me. ‘see you lied to your Dad but faced no consequence, but here every lie is treated seriously.’

Of course when my life’s clock stops forever!