Daily Blogging Prompt : Moody

In response to daily post’s prompt: Moody

Here is a list of Ten signs of a moody person, I read minutes ago:

  1. You are openly rude when you do not need anything from others.
  2. You are rude to new people because of personal issues.
  3. You are rude around people of a certain sex, because of some past experience.
  4. You are rude around people who do not share the same religious views.
  5. You love hanging around rich people and act rude and weird around someone else.
  6. You say something one day and do not stand by it the next day.
  7. You are rude to people because of their political views.
  8. You dislike people who have a different ethnic background.
  9. You are extremely rude to everyone because of frustrations in your life.
  10. You act rude around moody people.
  11. To me all this sounds interesting, can you imagine a person who fits all these signs?

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