Daily Prompt : Fortune

In response to daily post’s prompt : Fortune

Each one of us is born with some kind of kismet, it’s a combination of good and bad. When something bad happens to me, the thought immediately comes to mind, what did I do wrong, why am I facing this misfortune? I am scared because it comes in three, if the first one is awful, it makes me think what is next and next?

One day last year we had a lot of snow, in the morning while praying I asked God to help me, I knew I couldn’t possibly shovel all that snow, neither could I expect my daughter to do it.

I decided not to think about it, it was driving me nuts, I sat with my novel to keep my mind off this problem. At 8 am my neighbor called, she wanted to know if I’d like to get my driveway shoveled. I said,”who is it send him now, please?”

It was a tall and thin man, he was very courteous, he asked me, “Is twenty dollars okay, or I’ll reduce it?”

I looked at him and thought for a second, who is he, normally when we are stuck people do not ask for  less money, but as high as possible. I smiled and said, “No, it’s more than okay, I will give you twenty-five dollars.”

That was the day I felt, ‘FORTUNE,’ smiled at me big time. God did not want to disappoint me!

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Tagore song, singer Sagar Sen, posted and translated by Ranu

Bengali lyric

যদি     ঝড়ের মেঘের মতো আমি ধাই চঞ্চল-অন্তর
তবে    দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে ঈশ্বর ॥
ওহে    অপাপপুরুষ, দীনহীন আমি এসেছি পাপের কূলে—
প্রভু,   দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া করে লও তুলে
আমি    জলের মাঝারে বাস করি, তবু তৃষায় শুকায়ে মরি—
প্রভু,   দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া করে দাও সুধায় হৃদয় ভরি ॥

If my restless heart rushes like the storm cloud
Then take pity on me, take  pity on me, O Lord.
O Lord, poor and lowly I have come to the land of sin-
O Lord, take pity on me and kindly save me
My abode is surrounded by  water,
 still I'm dying of thirst-
O lord, take pity on me,
 kindly fill my heart with sweetness.