Daily Prompt : Crossing

In response to daily post’s prompt : Crossing

A while ago I met a student who had just registered in the university to study. She was a very sweet girl who felt sad that we were finishing our course and that she’ll never see us. She was genuinely sorry to see us leave.

I was at  home in Comilla Bangladesh, waiting to go to Lahore Pakistan to register for the B.ed course. At home I was bored because there was nothing to do. I spent most of my time reading the Newspaper, which we all loved.

One morning after I got the paper, I noticed a picture of the same girl, I was eager to know how she was doing, it must be something good  if her photograph  was on the front page.

But the news was horrible, she told her friends to sign the register on her behalf so she could go out to stop the bus for them. I’m not sure if she looked carefully while Crossing the road, according to the news she was in the middle of the road when a truck came  all of a sudden, the driver did not stop and she was hit by the massive truck.

Efforts to save her was fruitless!



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