Daily Prompt : Tempted

In response to daily post’s prompt : Tempted

This is the right prompt for me to deal with. It takes me back to so many years ago, when I was in third Standard In Presentation Convent School.

We were told to buy a book , titled,   ‘Moral Science, ‘  there were a lot of lessons we were expected to learn, we had to memorize them. Like a parrot I’d recite  and then answer questions which had to be word for word what was in the book.  I always scored one hundred percent.

One of the subject was,’Temptation,’ I remember memorizing, Temptation is an inclination to commit sin which needs an effort of the Will to resist it. In my mind I liked the rhythm of the words. Did I comprehend the meaning? Heck no?

Our teacher a nun, loved me because I was the one scoring maximum points. Did she ever realize I did not understand what I was reciting? She probably thought I did!

After I grew up and began to live in the real world, my fantasies took a three hundred sixty turn. I understood what it was all about. If I say I’m never Tempted it would be a lie.

Last week I went to the mall, I had no intention of buying anything but to walk around and make my Fitbit useful. I went up the escalator and continued walking, suddenly I saw a sign, “Sale, the price of creams  50% off,’ I couldn’t pass this up.  Of course instead of buying one jar I bought three, I was delighted how I saved so much money.

Every time I go out whether it’s a  supermarket, a  drug store, or a mall, there are Sale signs everywhere, food, clothing, cosmetics, you name it. We the innocent Shoppers jump at the chance of buying things cheap. We are always tempted by these businesses.

You know what, I learned nothing from that Moral Science lesson. I continue to be tempted and I suppose I do not make an effort to resist my temptation!

……………………………………. 🙂