Daily Prompt : Someday

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Some day

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Someday, soon we  must  think of global warming

If we tell ourselves it’s a hoax and do nothing

One fine day it will  be too late

We’ll be responsible for our ill  fate

Because we ignored the signs and symptoms of global warming!

…………………………………… 😦






Bengali song, singer, Hemant Kumar,posted and translated by Ranu

tare bole dio,
se jeno ashe na amar dare.

ei gungun shure mon hashe na.
ga ma pa ma ga re
(kire thamli keno? baja)
ga ma pa ma ga re
sa re ma ga re ga
re sa re sa ni sa.
oi ful mala dile sudhu jala
dhulay se jak jhore jak na

ei vanga bashi vole jodi hashi
bathay se thak vore thak na
jani fagun amay valobashe na.

tare bole dio se jeno ashe na amar dare
tare bole dio mon keno hashe na||

ga ma pa ma ga re
sa re ma ga re ga
re sa re sa ni sa.
nei alo chade jeno rat kade
e adhar sesh tobu hoy n
jay prem shore faki dey more
ei batha prane shoy na
-hai shopnay ankhi aar bhasne na.

This is a song from the Bengali movie, titled, “Two Brothers,”  although the song lyrics are serious, the two brothers are in a joyful mood , and imagining what would it be like, if they had someone they cared about.

Here is my translation of the song. Translated by Ranu.

Tell her not to come to my door,

Her musical voice does not make me smile.

The garland from her only gives me pain,

I wish the petals would scatter in the dust.

If this broken flute mistakenly smiles,

let it be filled with pain,

I know Spring does not love me.

Lack of light makes the night weep,

Yet the darkness drags on.

Love deceives me by leaving me,

I cannot endure the pain,

I no longer think of those eyes,

floating in my dream!

…………………………………. 🙂