Daily Prompt : Marathon

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Marathon

Wikipedia images of John Isner on top and Nicolas Mahut at the bottom

John_Isner_at_the_2009_US_Open_01.jpg (3072×2274)

Nicolas_Mahut_at_the_2009_Wimbledon_Championships_01.jpg (4368×2912)

In 2010 John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played against each other in the Wimbledon Championships in the first round at court 18. It was the longest match in tennis history, both by time and the number of games the two opponents played.

John was the 23rd seed and Nicolas Mahut was the qualifier. The match began at 6:13 pm on Tuesday June 22nd, 2010 on court 18 at Wimbledon, England. The match had to be postponed due to fading light at 9:07 pm before the fifth set. The two warriors went home without knowing who would be lucky enough to win this Marathon Match.

They resumed the match on 2010, 23rd June which was the following day at 2:05 pm. The record for the longest match was broken at 5:45 pm. It had to be suspended again for the light faded at 9:05 pm.

The final set was tied at 59 games all.

The tennis match resumed for the third day at 3:40 pm on Thursday June 24th, 2010. It became a contest of fitness and determination. At 4:47 pm Isner won the match.

Both players broke several tennis records. Each served 100 aces. It was mentioned as , “the endless match.”

The final set was longer than the previous longest match.

I remember saying, ‘come on guys, end this match!’

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Marathon

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Whenever I see or hear of tennis playing, I remember that you like it :-). It is a sport about which I know very little.

    All good wishes,


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