Daily Prompt : Overworked

In response to daily post’s one- word prompt : Overworked

Life sometimes is not fair to a good number of people who are overworked and under paid. One great example I have is of some specialists in the field of medicine. The specialist has a bunch of humans working for him or her. They do most of the work while the specialist spends a couple of minutes and earn several times more than the man or woman who did all the work.

I had an appointment with a specialist recently, his assistant checked my eyes, put the drops in, wrote the report. The physician came, he looked at the piece of paper, took five minutes to let me know all is well, and he’d see me in two years.

His secretary told me I need to get a referral, I wasn’t sure why I needed one, I asked my Family Physician, why the specialist needs a referral, because I am his regular patient, this is what he said,  ‘the referral helps him make more money than the family physician.’

The family physician sorts out which one of his patients, needs to see a specialist.  He refers the patient to a specialist, who already has enough info about the patient from the family physician and his assistant, all he needs to do is pretend he’s working hard, so he should be paid more than the ones who did all the work.

In my mind this happens to be why life is unfair. You work hard day in and out, but paid a bare minimum, while the one who does least amount of work gets the, “Lion’s share!”

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