Daily Prompt : Ten

In response to daily post’s prompt :Ten

When I was eight my brother always warned me,

Make me a cup of tea he’d say,

or I’ll be counting to  Ten.

Immediately he’d drag out the numbers


Reluctantly I’d get up, while his counting began,

Do not waste time or, FOUR….

At the count of four I’d run to the kitchen,

Wondering what will he do if I didn’t go.

One thing was sure, I was afraid to take a chance,

Moments later I’d be back with a cup of tea,

My brother meanwhile with a grin on his face,

would look at me!

When I recall those days,I still wonder,

What would he have done,

if I didn’t make the tea?

Would he scold me, hit me,

pull my ears off of my head

or lock me up until I promised

To make him a cup of tea!

………………………………. 🙂