Daily Prompt : Filter

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Filter

When I read today’s prompt,  I thought of the brain filter, only because I heard the word being used by thoughtless people who do not seem to filter what comes out of their mouth. Unfortunately I experienced this behavior from people who claim to be my friend.

I’ll turn my attention to the human brain. It is said to have amazing capacities. It consists of billions of neurons, it helps to process extensive quantities of information, in order for us to function effectively. Filtering information is the brain’s most important function. By filtering our brain makes sure only the information relevant to our goals is allowed into our consciousness. It thus prevents the brain  from flooding irrelevant information that is not necessary and also can  distract us.

There are two sides of our brain the left and right. these two sides filter differently. The left controls information important for language abilities,while the right side controls a broader visual -spatial attention that allows us to take in new experiences.

I found the topic interesting as it tells us about the function of the brain.

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