Daily Prompt : Privacy

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Privacy

There are certain things in a person’s life where one requires  privacy.  The place where I come from  whether you like it or not, people in general will ask you questions that you’d rather not answer. Such as, ‘are you married?’

If you say no, next question, ‘why not, or there are no proposals yet? I know a  real nice, rich guy, he is so rich you can sleep on a bed of money!’

Here is a little anecdote about me. After completing my studies, I took a job in a Residential Model School. One of my colleagues invited me to visit her.I went to her house, dressed  in a Saree. I met the mother of my colleague, as soon as I sat down. She asked me, ‘how many children do you have?’

At first this direct question confused me, immediately I gathered myself and replied, ‘I have 42 boys.’

The expression on her face was indescribable, it looked as if she lost her voice, she instantly looked at her daughter who was bringing some tea for us. She overheard what I said, laughed and explained, ‘no mom, she means she has forty-two boys in her class.’

Mom was relieved to hear that. The point I’m getting at, they take for granted I’m married, therefore the question she thinks proper to ask  is how many children do I have.

Indirectly I made her aware, it was not the right question.

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Daily Prompt : Exposure

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Exposure

wikipedia image

Globelang.png (620×242)

Exposure to learning many languages

Without a doubt has a lot of advantages

You can travel freely

You’re self-sufficient really

This is why we should have Exposure to learning many languages !

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Daily Prompt : Overworked

In response to daily post’s one- word prompt : Overworked

Life sometimes is not fair to a good number of people who are overworked and under paid. One great example I have is of some specialists in the field of medicine. The specialist has a bunch of humans working for him or her. They do most of the work while the specialist spends a couple of minutes and earn several times more than the man or woman who did all the work.

I had an appointment with a specialist recently, his assistant checked my eyes, put the drops in, wrote the report. The physician came, he looked at the piece of paper, took five minutes to let me know all is well, and he’d see me in two years.

His secretary told me I need to get a referral, I wasn’t sure why I needed one, I asked my Family Physician, why the specialist needs a referral, because I am his regular patient, this is what he said,  ‘the referral helps him make more money than the family physician.’

The family physician sorts out which one of his patients, needs to see a specialist.  He refers the patient to a specialist, who already has enough info about the patient from the family physician and his assistant, all he needs to do is pretend he’s working hard, so he should be paid more than the ones who did all the work.

In my mind this happens to be why life is unfair. You work hard day in and out, but paid a bare minimum, while the one who does least amount of work gets the, “Lion’s share!”

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Daily Prompt : Aesthetic

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Aesthetic

I think of the question, what is it that satisfies my aesthetic sense?

I like simple attractive things, it satisfies my aesthetic sense. A few weeks ago, my daughter gave me few little gifts, of them I noticed two caps, they stood out in front of me, as if saying, ‘look at us will these satisfy your aesthetic sense?’

I picked them up, asked my daughter, ‘where did you get these, they are gorgeous?’

She looked at me and said, ‘Mom do you really like them?’

‘Yes I do they are very pretty,’ I said.

These caps are crocheted by one of her colleagues, they are simple, but elegant, on one side she attached a crocheted flower with a pin in the middle. Her aesthetic sense is remarkable. I wore one yesterday and went to the mall, the lady who served me remarked, ‘where did you get this did you make it?’

If I told her how much I paid for it, I bet she won’t believe me!

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Daily Prompt : Marathon

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Marathon

Wikipedia images of John Isner on top and Nicolas Mahut at the bottom

John_Isner_at_the_2009_US_Open_01.jpg (3072×2274)

Nicolas_Mahut_at_the_2009_Wimbledon_Championships_01.jpg (4368×2912)

In 2010 John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played against each other in the Wimbledon Championships in the first round at court 18. It was the longest match in tennis history, both by time and the number of games the two opponents played.

John was the 23rd seed and Nicolas Mahut was the qualifier. The match began at 6:13 pm on Tuesday June 22nd, 2010 on court 18 at Wimbledon, England. The match had to be postponed due to fading light at 9:07 pm before the fifth set. The two warriors went home without knowing who would be lucky enough to win this Marathon Match.

They resumed the match on 2010, 23rd June which was the following day at 2:05 pm. The record for the longest match was broken at 5:45 pm. It had to be suspended again for the light faded at 9:05 pm.

The final set was tied at 59 games all.

The tennis match resumed for the third day at 3:40 pm on Thursday June 24th, 2010. It became a contest of fitness and determination. At 4:47 pm Isner won the match.

Both players broke several tennis records. Each served 100 aces. It was mentioned as , “the endless match.”

The final set was longer than the previous longest match.

I remember saying, ‘come on guys, end this match!’

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Daily Prompt : Exquisite : posted and translated by Ranu

In response to daily post’s prompt : Exquisite

I thought of this prompt for a while. I use the prompts to write stories fiction, non fiction. I even dare to write poems, using the limericks which are in my opinion short and sweet, which hopefully  won’t bore my readers to tears. All this I do to be able to write. I wouldn’t dare to call myself a writer, I’ll say it really  helps me to express myself better each day I continue to  write.

Today’s prompt made me wonder, how can I do something with the one-word prompt : Exquisite. With my mind’s help I came to the conclusion, why not I use   YouTube to play a song by one of India’s greatest singer, Lata Mangeshkar,  sing   in her Exquisite voice  this wonderful song,

‘Yeh zindagi usi ki hai. I have translated it in English for some of my readers who do not speak the language.Song from Anarkali, Music by Ram Chander, lyricist: Rajender Kishen

This life belongs to one

who is united with someone,

and lost in love

this spring,  time is telling you,

‘this is your chance

to fall in love, and

drown in the pearl of love.

So what if the heart beats

don’t count them

you  may not have this chance again

those bygone days and nights

will be lost forever

Life is cruel, enjoy love’s

pleasure while you have it.’

The light on this  grave

announces, ‘this pomegranate bud

continues to blossom even in Autumn

Do not call this a tomb,

it’s a palace of love

O life’s evening come,

I want to hug you

for the last time my beloved

I want to see you

I want to  be immersed

in your love

and forget the world,

G o o d b y e !’

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Daily Prompt : Someday

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Some day

image from wikipedia


global-warming.jpg (500×400)

Someday, soon we  must  think of global warming

If we tell ourselves it’s a hoax and do nothing

One fine day it will  be too late

We’ll be responsible for our ill  fate

Because we ignored the signs and symptoms of global warming!

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