Daily Prompt : Resist

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Resist

The word ‘Resist,’  takes me back to my days in primary school, where we had a book entitled, ‘Moral Science.’  There were questions and answers in it which we the young pupils were required to learn by heart or rote memory. At that age none of us thought, if this knowledge was important for us to know. We learned them, we were competing to see who gets one hundred percent. I was one of them who scored full marks, it made me happy thinking at least this is one subject I excelled in.

I know temptation was a long word to know the spelling of, but I managed because I always liked big words, I did not think then but what does it mean? Then there was the word ‘Resist,’ both these words were telling me something which I was clueless about.

The Question was what is temptation?

The answer  : Temptation is an inclination to commit sin which needs an effort of the will to resist it.

If someone were to ask me then, ‘What does it mean?’ I’m sure I would have said, ‘I don’t know.’ To me this is what a seven year old would’ve said when I was that age. I have no idea what  a seven year old would say in 2017!

When I think of it now, I see all around me, all kinds of temptations taking place, sometimes due to poverty, other times to show they have Power. If they feel they don’t like the neighbor, they go ahead and rob them, because they have the means to do so, they do not think of resisting the temptation.

There are all kinds of horrible crimes taking place, some are encouraged, others are thinking well if that guy is allowed, it is safe for me to do so. It’s a chain reaction. The word resist probably doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

…………………………………………… 😦