Daily Prompt : Clean

In response to daily post’s prompt : Clean

Here in our city it’s sunny and everything looks Clean, until you go for a walk and look at the sidewalk. The piled up snow from days of accumulation look muddy, it’s no longer white but looks beige. What causes it to change the beautiful white to a beige color. It’s simple the  piled up snow in a few days turns to ice when rain falls. The city sends the workers to spray salt and sand to make it safe for pedestrians. Eventually the air blows some of it on the sides and discolors the snow on the side.

The air in our city is comparatively cleaner than the large cities, but there are many cars, and fuel used to run them, pollutes our environment. We do not have factories therefore there is not that much  pollution.

My husband lived in Chicago for six years, he said the city was so polluted, he had to take a shot daily to be able to breathe, same was true in Montreal. After we moved to Newfoundland, he did not need the shots to help him breathe.

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