Daily Prompt : Heard

In response to daily post’s prompt :  Heard

Suzy’s Mom was so busy trying to cook a new recipe, she barely Heard what her daughter said. She turned around and found Suzy standing with her mouth open. She tried to shake her, but she was unable to speak. The seconds turned to minutes but Suzy was unable to speak. Mom was speechless , she couldn’t understand what happened to her child. Then she recalled Suzy told her mom, ‘I’m going out to play with Sam and Tom.’

She  was happy her daughter would be out with her friends, this way she’d be able to try  this new recipe which sounded awesome. She heard Suzy coming in, she knew Suzy always had to tell her what happened in the playground. But this motionless Suzy seems as if she had a terrible shock.

Melanie Suzy’s mom was so frightened to see her daughter, she forgot what she was doing . When an hour went by Melanie came to her senses, she took Suzy’s hand and asked her to sit down. Suddenly Suzy burst out crying, ‘Mom, Sam has fainted and is lying on the ground,  you have to help him!’

Hearing this Melanie stood up, and said, ‘let’s go and find out how Sam is.’

By the time  Suzy and her Mom went to the exact place where Sam had fallen, they found no one there. They went to Sam’s house to see if everything was okay.

While Suzy went to get her Mom, Sam’s father was driving past the playground, he saw an unusual thing a bunch of people were hovering around Sam. He instantly stopped  the car, ran over to see why  his son was lying on the ground.

The story goes when Suzy was taking too long to come back Tom went to the place to see why his friends were taking so long. When he reached the spot, Suzy wasn’t there and Sam was lying on the ground. It disturbed him, he  asked some people nearby to help his friend, before they could do anything Sam’s father came running. Tom told Sam’s father about the shining thing and that curious Sam wanted to find out what it was.

Sam’s father said, ‘I think I must remind my son that curiosity killed a cat,’ and that it will get him into trouble. He was grateful his son’s friends were there to help him when he was in trouble. He thanked Sam’s two little friends, Melanie and all the people who were there to help his son.

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