Daily Prompt : Criticize

In response to daily post’s prompt : Criticize

Back when I was eleven, my Dad took us to Bangladesh for a vacation. Our school closed for summer vacation, so it was okay to leave Rawalpindi to see who our relatives are and what do they look like.

My mom was concerned about me because I was too outspoken, she warned me, ‘now Ranu you don’t have to answer if your aunts and uncles ask you something.’

‘I don’t get it mom, ‘ if I stay quiet they may think I’m stupid, and you know I’m not.’ I said.

One day my maternal uncle came to me and said, ‘I hear you go to an English school, I’ll believe it if you can read this book.

‘Whose  book is it?’    I asked.

‘Oh it belongs to a first year college student,’ he said.

It was a challenge and I was excited. I still remember  it was a hard cover book.

My uncle opened a page and asked me to read. I started reading it, I was almost at the end of the page when my uncle said, okay stop, now I believe you really are studying in an English school. My uncle could not criticize me or my school.

We had a great time in my maternal Grandpa’s house, unfortunately they weren’t alive, but mom’s relatives took good care of us.

After two months we went back  to our home and I was thrilled to go back to school to tell my classmates, how wonderful it was to meet all our relatives.

One of my classmates said, ‘looks like the weather didn’t suit you.’

My face was covered with pimples, which is the reason she made this comment. When I went in to the classroom, my teacher Mrs. Quieros, saw me sitting at the back. Actually I was trying to hide because I took an extra one month holiday.

She announced, ‘Chaman has arrived.’

It was necessary for me to explain why I was late. I told her my Dad had to do some paperwork before we could go which took a month.

Her question, ‘how many months was the summer vacation?’

I said, ‘two.’

‘I see,’ she said and sent me back to my seat.

The whole month she had a barrage of questions for me. I figured this is how she was showing her anger because I came a month later after the school reopened.

…………………………………… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Criticize

  1. It was fun to read these reminiscences, and when I reached the end I felt that Mrs. Quieros was perhaps also a kind person in the sense that she noticed your absence and perhaps had missed you. You were a bright learner and teachers often feel as if their classroom is empty when their star pupil is absent 🙂

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