Daily Prompt : Aware

In response to daily post’s prompt : Aware

There are millions of things  pass us by daily, we are not aware of everything. Perhaps our focus is on a few things, so we ignore the rest.

One year I had a pupil in my class, who I thought was not well. Each day I noticed him sitting at his desk and resting his head on it. I watched him closely and felt his parents should be made aware, their son is not well.

We had our parent teacher interviews in October, when I met the parents of this boy I told both mom and dad that their son was unwell. I explained the symptoms and my conclusion was he should be taken to a physician, to be sure their son is all right.

The mother’s reaction was unusual, instead of asking me why I think so. She smiled and said, ‘there is nothing wrong with him, he swims six laps everyday from one end to the other. He is never tired.’

Although I wanted to believe the boy was okay, my mind didn’t,  something was wrong I was convinced.

A year later his grade 5 teacher told me, ‘you remember the boy who you thought was sick? His parents told me he has leukemia, chances of him surviving was not good.’

A few months later he died. I don’t know if the mom and dad had taken him to a physician right away, would it have made any difference? Probably not, but the parents would have felt better.