Daily Prompt : Seriousness

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Seriousness

Tom and his twin brother Gerry were never serious about anything. Their mom would caution them about, neglecting their homework, staying up late during school nights, taking long walks without finding out where the road leads to. Each time they did okay, this made them very confident that they were lucky and nothing bad would happen to them.

One  winter day the weatherman’s forecast called for a likelihood of a blizzard in their town. Tom told Gerry, ‘don’t listen to the weatherman he’s always WRONG.’ They made up their mind to go for a long walk on the other side of their town.  They were reasonably dressed as they were not allowed to go out if they didn’t wear their warm clothes.

Although they had to listen to their mom they grumbled a lot,  Gerry said, ‘Mom always makes us wear these hideous heavy coats, I feel like taking it off and stash it somewhere so mom won’t find out.’

Tom was ecstatic he said,  ‘Gerry,  this is the first time you came up with this cool idea, let’s do it.’

Both took their coats off and left them at the back of the house. They felt a lot lighter, and were telling each other, ‘see the weatherman is wrong it’s not snowing.’

They were about a kilometre away from their house when suddenly the sky was covered with cloud, it looked quite ominous, but they were not afraid. The calm wind, turned very strong, soon the snow started falling, it was lighter at first but within minutes it changed to heavy snow the wind picked up its intensity, the visibility was almost zero. The boys didn’t know where they were going but continued to walk.

Suddenly a gust of wind nearly blew them away. Both held on to each other. Soon they started arguing , Gerry blamed Tom for not realizing the seriousness of paying attention to the weatherman. While Tom blamed Gerry for leaving the coats at the back of the house.

Both were negligent and they realized they were lost, cold and hungry. On their way they found a spot in someone’s backyard, they stopped, sat on the ground to figure out how they’d get home. The freezing cold took a lot of their energy. They remained seated and realized they must never leave everything to luck.

They were ten years old with no experience of the world around them.

All of a sudden they saw a dog coming towards them, they didn’t know what to do, but stayed there. At first the dog groaned and then barked loudly, the owner came running to see what was wrong.  Jack was surprized to see two boys huddled together in their backyard crying.

He told them to get up and follow him to the house, because the blizzard wasn’t getting any better. Annie his wife took the boys in, gave them towels to dry themselves and took them in the family room where it was warm and cozy.

She found out they were out for a walk and got lost in the snowstorm. Annie cooked them a hasty meal which both boys enjoyed. They waited several hours for the storm to stop.

Finally when the roads were cleared and the storm stopped, Annie and Jack took the boys home.

Tom and Gerry’s parents thanked Jack and Annie for bringing the boys home, while Tom and Gerry learned not to leave everything to luck, rather understand what the word seriousness means!

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