Daily Prompt : Criticize

In response to daily post’s prompt : Criticize

Back when I was eleven, my Dad took us to Bangladesh for a vacation. Our school closed for summer vacation, so it was okay to leave Rawalpindi to see who our relatives are and what do they look like.

My mom was concerned about me because I was too outspoken, she warned me, ‘now Ranu you don’t have to answer if your aunts and uncles ask you something.’

‘I don’t get it mom, ‘ if I stay quiet they may think I’m stupid, and you know I’m not.’ I said.

One day my maternal uncle came to me and said, ‘I hear you go to an English school, I’ll believe it if you can read this book.

‘Whose  book is it?’    I asked.

‘Oh it belongs to a first year college student,’ he said.

It was a challenge and I was excited. I still remember  it was a hard cover book.

My uncle opened a page and asked me to read. I started reading it, I was almost at the end of the page when my uncle said, okay stop, now I believe you really are studying in an English school. My uncle could not criticize me or my school.

We had a great time in my maternal Grandpa’s house, unfortunately they weren’t alive, but mom’s relatives took good care of us.

After two months we went back  to our home and I was thrilled to go back to school to tell my classmates, how wonderful it was to meet all our relatives.

One of my classmates said, ‘looks like the weather didn’t suit you.’

My face was covered with pimples, which is the reason she made this comment. When I went in to the classroom, my teacher Mrs. Quieros, saw me sitting at the back. Actually I was trying to hide because I took an extra one month holiday.

She announced, ‘Chaman has arrived.’

It was necessary for me to explain why I was late. I told her my Dad had to do some paperwork before we could go which took a month.

Her question, ‘how many months was the summer vacation?’

I said, ‘two.’

‘I see,’ she said and sent me back to my seat.

The whole month she had a barrage of questions for me. I figured this is how she was showing her anger because I came a month later after the school reopened.

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Daily Prompt : Heard

In response to daily post’s prompt :  Heard

Suzy’s Mom was so busy trying to cook a new recipe, she barely Heard what her daughter said. She turned around and found Suzy standing with her mouth open. She tried to shake her, but she was unable to speak. The seconds turned to minutes but Suzy was unable to speak. Mom was speechless , she couldn’t understand what happened to her child. Then she recalled Suzy told her mom, ‘I’m going out to play with Sam and Tom.’

She  was happy her daughter would be out with her friends, this way she’d be able to try  this new recipe which sounded awesome. She heard Suzy coming in, she knew Suzy always had to tell her what happened in the playground. But this motionless Suzy seems as if she had a terrible shock.

Melanie Suzy’s mom was so frightened to see her daughter, she forgot what she was doing . When an hour went by Melanie came to her senses, she took Suzy’s hand and asked her to sit down. Suddenly Suzy burst out crying, ‘Mom, Sam has fainted and is lying on the ground,  you have to help him!’

Hearing this Melanie stood up, and said, ‘let’s go and find out how Sam is.’

By the time  Suzy and her Mom went to the exact place where Sam had fallen, they found no one there. They went to Sam’s house to see if everything was okay.

While Suzy went to get her Mom, Sam’s father was driving past the playground, he saw an unusual thing a bunch of people were hovering around Sam. He instantly stopped  the car, ran over to see why  his son was lying on the ground.

The story goes when Suzy was taking too long to come back Tom went to the place to see why his friends were taking so long. When he reached the spot, Suzy wasn’t there and Sam was lying on the ground. It disturbed him, he  asked some people nearby to help his friend, before they could do anything Sam’s father came running. Tom told Sam’s father about the shining thing and that curious Sam wanted to find out what it was.

Sam’s father said, ‘I think I must remind my son that curiosity killed a cat,’ and that it will get him into trouble. He was grateful his son’s friends were there to help him when he was in trouble. He thanked Sam’s two little friends, Melanie and all the people who were there to help his son.

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Daily Prompt : Tremble

In response to daily post’s prompt : Tremble

Three little children, each five years old were playing in their neighborhood. They were friends who lived in the same area. They were Tom, Suzy and Sam.

While playing Sam saw something shining on the ground, he told his friends he’d see what it was. When he went close to this thing, he heard a whisper, “hi Sam,” it said, ‘can you please come closer. I want to give you something?’

He was a little boy, who never heard someone invisible  talking to him, he had no idea what it was. He froze in fear on the very spot, suddenly he started trembling and could barely speak loud enough to call his friends.

Suzy and Tom went looking for him, when they found him they noticed Sam was shaking and tears were coming down his cheeks. Suzy asked, ‘Sam what’s wrong?’

Sam was only able to say, ‘Invisible,’    then  fainted and fell on the ground.

Suzy rushed home to get her Mom, who  was busy preparing dinner.  As soon as she saw her Mom, she started shivering and could only utter the words, ‘it’s Sam Mom,’ and could say no more!

Daily Prompt: Recognize

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Recognize

Lately I’m finding rather difficult to recognize a certain group of people. All these years they were friendly, called me Auntie, suddenly it looks like they refuse to know me. You readers might want to know the reason, I honestly do not know myself  what in the world have I  done to these people. Can this be how people behave when their own life is muddled up? If so, ‘Why should I be their punching bag.’

These are a group of women who happen to be from my original country. I met them here in St. John’s, before this I did not know them.

I was once  asked by our school librarian about some woman from India, who was teaching in Labrador. I had to remind him, India’s population is over a billion, how can I possibly know all of them. For that matter I don’t even know all the people in my little hometown.

I happen to recognize people by their name, I can tell where they’re from. Now a days even a name doesn’t help. Once I heard a teacher in my school calling her pupil, Jamila. Immediately I asked where is she  from? The teacher said, ‘Relax my dear, She’s a Newfie( short for Newfoundlander), her parents thought of giving her a unique name.’

WOW I thought, a unique name! Oh I get it some of our country women are named Suzy, Sally, Shelly. They’re also I guess trying to be unique.

But my Dad was not in favor of disguising the identity of his children by giving us English names. His idea was if on paper they see the name, ‘Elizabeth,’  they’d be looking for Elizabeth, an English or American woman, suddenly they find this Elizabeth is brown, wears a sari, the thought at once is, ‘why isn’t she,  Geeta, Sita,Ranu ?’  See what I mean!

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Daily Prompt : Overwhelming

In response to daily post’s prompt : Overwhelming

Roger Federer’s success in the Australian Open Grand Tennis Championship was overwhelming. No one thought he’d go as far as he did. Round after round he beat his opponents soundly. His rise to the top was amazing.

The tennis world wanted a Roger, Rafa match in the final, they didn’t disappoint us. There they were two good friends fighting to win the Grand slam trophy, Roger came up in flying colors.

I watched the reruns several times. I looked at it this way, at least there was something exciting happening. I was tired of reading the news about the election.



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Daily Prompt : Clean

In response to daily post’s prompt : Clean

Here in our city it’s sunny and everything looks Clean, until you go for a walk and look at the sidewalk. The piled up snow from days of accumulation look muddy, it’s no longer white but looks beige. What causes it to change the beautiful white to a beige color. It’s simple the  piled up snow in a few days turns to ice when rain falls. The city sends the workers to spray salt and sand to make it safe for pedestrians. Eventually the air blows some of it on the sides and discolors the snow on the side.

The air in our city is comparatively cleaner than the large cities, but there are many cars, and fuel used to run them, pollutes our environment. We do not have factories therefore there is not that much  pollution.

My husband lived in Chicago for six years, he said the city was so polluted, he had to take a shot daily to be able to breathe, same was true in Montreal. After we moved to Newfoundland, he did not need the shots to help him breathe.

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Daily Prompt : Resist

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Resist

The word ‘Resist,’  takes me back to my days in primary school, where we had a book entitled, ‘Moral Science.’  There were questions and answers in it which we the young pupils were required to learn by heart or rote memory. At that age none of us thought, if this knowledge was important for us to know. We learned them, we were competing to see who gets one hundred percent. I was one of them who scored full marks, it made me happy thinking at least this is one subject I excelled in.

I know temptation was a long word to know the spelling of, but I managed because I always liked big words, I did not think then but what does it mean? Then there was the word ‘Resist,’ both these words were telling me something which I was clueless about.

The Question was what is temptation?

The answer  : Temptation is an inclination to commit sin which needs an effort of the will to resist it.

If someone were to ask me then, ‘What does it mean?’ I’m sure I would have said, ‘I don’t know.’ To me this is what a seven year old would’ve said when I was that age. I have no idea what  a seven year old would say in 2017!

When I think of it now, I see all around me, all kinds of temptations taking place, sometimes due to poverty, other times to show they have Power. If they feel they don’t like the neighbor, they go ahead and rob them, because they have the means to do so, they do not think of resisting the temptation.

There are all kinds of horrible crimes taking place, some are encouraged, others are thinking well if that guy is allowed, it is safe for me to do so. It’s a chain reaction. The word resist probably doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

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