Daily Prompt : Passport

In response to daily post’s prompt : Passport

My Passport

A small book which tells on the cover the name of my country. Inside it has my name place of birth, my occupation, my date of birth and the expiry date. This little book tells me and the one who checks it in the customs whether it’s a valid book or a fraud.

Why would anyone carry a book which doesn’t really tell about him/ her, this person is clearly cheating. We wonder who would take this much trouble to  give a fake identity of himself. The voice tells me a fair number of people do it.

We carry our passport to visit a country other than ours. Isn’t it proper to carry something which tells the truth about ourselves? We may be able to get away cheating humans, but does anyone realize this practice is recorded in God’s book?

How can one deceive Him? While we are alive we forget that all our bad deeds are recorded in the house of God. If our bad deeds  outweigh our good deeds, we know where we’ll end up and that’s a place no one wants to go.

We do not need a passport when we leave this world our deeds are recorded from the time we  visit the earth, and our deeds will be our passport whether we face fire or the cool Paradise.

We are sent to this world with a mission, be good, do not deceive or hurt anyone, and our ultimate reward is PARADISE. Our color ethnicity, language makes no difference in the eyes of God!

……………………………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Territory

In response to daily post’s prompt : Territory

Territory can be defined as a place or neighborhood, province, yard in my house etc.. I have an interesting story about territory. When we were very young we sat in a particular place, a particular chair in our house. Whenever we found our other sibling occupying our particular chair, we’d go berserk and yell, ‘this is my chair, you cannot sit here, go somewhere else.’

This was an ongoing argument between us, my mom would be in the kitchen and ignoring us, she had plenty to do she stayed quiet and continued cooking.

One morning Mom heard the voices getting louder, she realized instead of ‘nipping the evil in the bud,’ she let it go and now the situation was almost out of control. Mom always kept her voice low or stared at us, if you had seen her eyes, you’d be scared too. This specific day she somehow lost her calm disposition. She came out of the kitchen and asked what the problem was. I told her they were fighting because one told the other it was his chair, and the occupier should find another place to sit.  First thing mom did was give that scary look and then, the explosion, ‘How do you know it’s your chair, is your name written on it?’

The two brothers looked at each other and stopped fighting. VOW! I thought mom is brilliant, perhaps she’s wasting her talent she should get a job as a diplomat.


……………………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt: fortune

In response to daily post’s prompt : Fortune

Fortune favors those who are kind, lucky, or evil

I wish only the hardworking are wealthy and not the devil

Wealth belongs to those who are cunning

It’s a fact of life which is so stunning

Do not despair your chance will come to defeat the devil!

…………………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Ordinary

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Ordinary

One day I made up my mind to ask a friend about a novel she was writing. My question, was she able to finish it? In reply she said she had finished writing it, but didn’t publish it.

I was always interested to read her first novel, and requested her to send me the pdf. She immediately sent it. I thought it probably is a normal story which I’d be able to read it.

When I started reading it I could not believe that it’s not an, Ordinary story and it didn’t seem this was her first novel. I read a lot of Urdu novels, but this novel easily is worth reading. You can tell she did a lot of research about everything she wrote, it includes the city. One might think if you live in the same city it’s easy to describe the streets, shopping centers in it, esp. when it happens to be a very large city. Honestly it’s not.

I live in a much smaller city, I bet I won’t be able to describe the streets, schools, or even a restaurant if I don’t personally visit them, sure you can imagine some, but it’s not that easy.

So far I read eleven chapters, but I have no idea what will happen next, it keeps me interested till the end of the chapter. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, I can say this much, anyone who knows Urdu must read her novel, it is exceptional and not Ordinary as I first thought.

…………………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Symptom

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Symptom

A visit to my physician

I remember going to a Physician, his specialty was, Internal Medicine. I was having problems I had no idea what was causing it. He was a very smart Doctor I was told, ‘you only have to describe your symptoms and he’d tell you why you are not well.’

With this assurance I went to see him. He told me to take a seat and let him know how I was feeling. I knew I wasn’t feeling well. But that was not enough for him to diagnose my sickness. I related I was exceptionally tired, when I tried to vacuum the room, I was short of breath, within seconds. I always walked to school, it was only five  minutes from my house. Recently after walking a few steps I felt my legs were exhausted. In my mind something was seriously wrong and to me it was a huge concern.

He listened and after a few minutes, he said,  ” you are suffering from Hypothyroid, and I’m going to take you off for six weeks from work, and I will prescribe  a pill which you’ll have to take for the rest of your life.”

‘It was all right if this magic pill will make me feel better, but how can I take six weeks off from teaching, who will take care of my kids?’ I asked  him.

He looked at me, and in no uncertain terms said, ‘Do not worry about them, your principal will take care of it, in your condition a patient does not get out of bed let alone go to work.’

He sounded serious. I knew my health was more important than work, and the best thing for me was  to rest and get used to the pill which he started with a slow dose and gradually increased it.

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Daily Prompt Label

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Label

I like the food labels on the cans these days , they tell us about expiry dates, the ingredients inside the can of food. it also helps to know the calorie count which in turn is valuable for us so we can decide how many calories are good for us to consume and  how much are we allowed to eat in general, to avoid overeating and putting on unnecessary weight.

While the labels on cans have a definite purpose. It’s not so much when humans are labeled by names that are cruel and serves no purpose. The world is getting smaller because moving from one place to another is getting easier by  airplane that are faster than it used to be and  cheaper.

We are in an age where we are fortunate to see and interact with people who live far away. Distance does not stop us. We can make this world much happier if we can stop discrimination.  As we gain knowledge we ought to use it to change our attitude towards other humans, who are not exactly like us or speak the same language or eat the same food.


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