Daily Prompt: Vivid

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Vivid

Some events in life stay permanently in one’s mind, even though it happened  many years ago. I have a vivid memory of  going to our maternal Grandpa’s home. Walking in his favorite  garden, plucking  fruits I had never seen before. Though  not familiar, how tasty they were.

Then this truly fascinating encounter I had with my little cousin one day.I was walking around  in the courtyard when I suddenly heard my uncle calling me, ‘Ranu would you like a mango?’

I said, ‘Mamu(uncle) where will you get a mango now?’

He pointed at one of Grandpa’s  trees and replied, ‘I’ll pluck from there.’

‘Can you climb a tree?’ was my next question.

‘Okay watch me,’ he said, and started climbing the tree.

While this was happening, my little cousin appeared from out of the blue.

He was probably three or four, he asked me,’Ranu Apa ( Apa is used when the girl is older than the person speaking) can I have the first one?’

I said, ‘Yes.’ Since it was his father up on the tree.

Meanwhile uncle plucked one and threw it down on the ground. I let my cousin have it.

My uncle told me he’d pluck another one for me.

I was pleased, but my little cousin somehow had finished the first one in record time  and asked if he could have the second one too.

I looked down at the curly haired toddler and firmly said, ‘No, you cannot.’

Well his reaction was unbelievable, he looked up, he replied. ‘I will not call you  Ranu Apa, anymore, Ranu O Ranu!’

This was his way of showing disrespect to  his older cousin.

Uncle was still on the tree, when he heard his son, he burst into a roaring laughter.

Whenever I think of it, I picture my curly haired cousin looking up at me with his sweet round face which turned to utter disgust as I refused to let him have his way!