Daily Prompt : Nervous

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Nervous

This morning I’m feeling very nervous, I don’t know why, it seems something will or had gone wrong and I’m afraid to know what it is. Childhood is the best years of one’s life, it’s care free, one I think is not as shaky as we adults are.

As soon as we become adults we are nervous for a number of things, results of an exam, or blood test, even while cooking something makes us afraid, I always think, will my soup turn out all right?

These are worries that takes the joy out of life.

For me to put aside my concerns I take out a book of fairy tales, it’s not real, but it does help to forget about my worries, as long as my focus is on the book I’m reading.

The question I have  is, Why am I unable to face Reality?