Daily Prompt : Passport

In response to daily post’s prompt : Passport

My Passport

A small book which tells on the cover the name of my country. Inside it has my name place of birth, my occupation, my date of birth and the expiry date. This little book tells me and the one who checks it in the customs whether it’s a valid book or a fraud.

Why would anyone carry a book which doesn’t really tell about him/ her, this person is clearly cheating. We wonder who would take this much trouble to  give a fake identity of himself. The voice tells me a fair number of people do it.

We carry our passport to visit a country other than ours. Isn’t it proper to carry something which tells the truth about ourselves? We may be able to get away cheating humans, but does anyone realize this practice is recorded in God’s book?

How can one deceive Him? While we are alive we forget that all our bad deeds are recorded in the house of God. If our bad deeds  outweigh our good deeds, we know where we’ll end up and that’s a place no one wants to go.

We do not need a passport when we leave this world our deeds are recorded from the time we  visit the earth, and our deeds will be our passport whether we face fire or the cool Paradise.

We are sent to this world with a mission, be good, do not deceive or hurt anyone, and our ultimate reward is PARADISE. Our color ethnicity, language makes no difference in the eyes of God!

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