Daily Prompt : Tenacious

In response to daily post’s prompt : Tenacious

Sandra was an okay student, the only subject she had difficulty learning was solving Math problems. She was bright but was always negligent with her subjects in school, esp. Math. Her homeroom teacher warned her if she failed to get passing marks in Math she won’t be able to get promotion to go to  the next grade, it has to be her decision whether she wanted to spend another year in the same grade or she wanted to pass.

When Sandra was told she had to get passing marks in Math or she’d be held back. It scared her she didn’t know what she could do, she hated Math and didn’t think she’d pass. She found problem solving tough. She called her friend Ivy to discuss her problem. Ivy was a good student and Sandra’s best friend.

She volunteered to help Sandra with Math. ‘You only have to work for half an hour after school, I promise, you will not only pass but will get excellent marks.’

Every afternoon after school the two friends did Math problems for half an hour. On the fifth day Sandra jumped and said, ‘Eureka I think I understand!’

The two friends hugged each other and waited for the final exams. On the day of the beginning of final exams, the friends wished each other best of luck. The exams lasted for a week. It was time to get the results.

Another week went by waiting for the results, the two friends were worried, they were not at all sure if their hard work and determination would result in Sandra’s success.

Finally the morning they were waiting for arrived, they went to school sat in their classroom eagerly waiting for the result. The teacher called their roll numbers in alphabetical order.

Ivy’s result was announced before Sandra’s. Ivy topped the list, and waited to hear her friend’s name. The teacher said, ‘now the last name on my list is Sandra Quinton, you have scored the highest mark in Math, Congratulations, sometimes being tenacious is all  you need to pass a subject you always feared.’

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