Daily Prompt : Climbing

In response to daily post’s prompt: Climbing

The Rising Star

In sports there are many players, only a few successfully climb the ladder of success, within a few years. One such player is Roger Federer. He is a tennis star and has won many grand slam trophies in his young life.
He is a talented player who makes his game look easy by the way he plays it.

Recently he won the Australian Open Championship by beating players who were ahead of him in ranking. He was unable to play for six months in 2016 due to back trouble,  which brought his ranking down. This year 2017 he managed to go up in ranking, he played a few tournaments but already won three or four tournaments.

He is a very popular player, he has many fans who come in droves to watch him play. I hope he’ll play a few more years and entertain us by his stylish play.