Daily Prompt : Spike

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Spike

I bought a piece of flank steak a few days ago. I wondered how will I cook it, will I bake it, fry it, or simply boil it. None of these methods sounded right to cook this piece of meat,  then thanks to my active mind I came up with a solution I liked but what about my readers will they approve?

I picked up the flank steak

I decided it’ll  be fine to make

Sheesh Kebab I said out loud

This made me so good and proud

I started cutting square sized pieces

Soaked them in lemon and spices

Let them marinade for few hours

Gave them time to consolidate their powers

To make them immersed in a spicy meat sauce

It was then time to skewer them meats and sauce

On our small  revolving grill

Which did its job it was a  thrill

To watch the Spiked skewers

Cooking kebabs for us lovers

Who went berserk waiting

We couldn’t wait to be eating

Those delicious grilled Kebabs

Intended for the Bengali Sahibs!


…………………………………. 🙂



Tagore Song, singer, Hemant kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

Tagore understood how our mind thinks and feels.

His lyrics explain how we feel when,

we leave our beloved town, city or country.

This song is based on  our feelings.

You ask your mind this question :

Do you know who you left behind ?

This is why you didn’t

get  peace all your life.

You have forgotten

the path you took to leave,

How will you return

to the place you left?

You listen to the sound

of the river. Your heart trembles

when you hear the rustling of  leaves

You feel you will find the path

If you can understand

the language of  flowers.

The path that leads to the

evening star, oh my mind!

………………………………………… 🙂