Daily Prompt : Knackered

In response to daily post’s prompt : Knackered

Yesterday was an uneventful day for me,

I went out to get extra footsteps you see.

I walked around in the mall hoping to get,

Those steps that are  making me fret.

For if I don’t get the exact number of steps,

The fitbit will not let me see the circle of steps.

This made me physically drained and done,

Still my mind was ready  to have fun.

I  hoped the book I asked for would at least,

Will give my mind freedom not to get beat.

But it was one of those days I have to admit,

The mental and physical part of me was unfit.

I was knackered, beaten, and totally washed out ,

Because my two main friends were wiped out!

…………………………………………. 😦






4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Knackered

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this poem. It is so nicely rhymed, and highlights that we all have those kinds of days where we are just worn out, and not up to things :).

    All good wishes,


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