Daily Prompt : Trace

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt  : Trace

A brief story of Michel Trudeau(son of former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau)

When I saw the prompt, ‘Trace,’ I instantly thought of Michel Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

On November 13 1998, Michel went on a three day ski trip with three of his friends. Michel was pushed off the trail by an avalanche in Kokanee, Glacier Park, British Columbia, Canada. He was swept down into the cold Kokanee Lake, where he drowned. His three friends survived but he did not.

RCMP divers probed the lake after the accident, and also in Spring. Unfortunately there was no Trace of Michel.

In 2014 his older brother Justin the current Prime Minister of Canada wrote: ” A few years before his death Michel was watching a TV documentary about burial rites in Asia, when he matter-of-factly stated, ‘when it’s my turn, just leave me down at the bottom of the mountain where I lie.’ His comment proved prescient : divers would never find his body, and he is there to this day.”

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song, singer lata, posted and translated by Ranu

Morning announces the call of death

It seems someone has broken the tune of life

May God  kindly  keep watch over you

This is the message of my beating  heart

I am leaving your world,

wake up and bid me goodbye

When my funeral procession leaves tomorrow

Promise me you will not offer your shoulder

Let not our love be disgraced

Accept the tears of my message!




Daily Prompt : Buff

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Buff

My brother’s car!

Back when we  were young living in Comilla, Bangladesh, my older brother got a job as an Assistant Manager, in one of Duncan Brothers Tea estates. He earned enough money to buy himself a new car. In my eyes he worshipped it  nothing more than this new addition in his life.

He’d wake up every morning, and routinely clean, polish , rub and Buff his car. He’d spend at least an hour or two, and then he’d move about to see how gorgeous it looked. After satisfying his eyes, he’d call me looking very proud, ‘Ranu look, what do you think, did I not do a good job?’

My reply was the same, ‘yes you did, can I touch it!’

In his deep voice he’d reply, ‘no you’ll make it dirty.’

Mom would come out from her room and laugh, she’d say, ‘I’ve never seen such a (adekhle it’s a Bengali word means possessive person) possessive person.

Meanwhile we’d all join in and make fun of him. Those days are so memorable and I wish they lasted for ever!

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Daily Prompt : Detonate

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Detonate

She exploded with anger when she  heard,

A bomb was detonated by a stupid nerd.

How could he do such a terrible thing,

Has he no conscience that will sting?

So many innocent people lost their life,

Isn’t there a better way to solve this strife!

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Daily Prompt : Radiate

In response to one-word prompt : Radiate

We have radiators to radiate heat in different parts of our house, some work beautifully but there are some that do not. To take care of this problem I called the man in charge. I watched him fiddling with the thermostat, but he wasn’t able to fix the problem.

My kitchen is one of the places, which  is always cold. Sometimes I turn on the oven to get some heat. The stove does a good job, but it’s not the right way of warming the kitchen.

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Daily Prompt : Infuse

In response to one-word prompt : Infuse

Pickling Lemons My Latest Hobby!

I spent a lot of time, past year and a half, pickling lemons. I have jars on my window sill in the kitchen, with  two kinds of lemons. Never did I think about lemon pickles, and taking time to pickle them, was never my idea of enjoying lemons. I sort of got trapped into doing it. I bought two bags without knowing how I will use them, on the third or maybe fourth day I was concerned about them. I did not want them to rot, and didn’t want them in a dessert which would mean using a lot of sugar.

I knocked the doors of the online recipes and found recipes to make lemon pickles. The process is not so difficult. I realized there was a different kind of work involved. I washed them, sliced them, took out the seeds, and then mixed them with salt and turmeric and put them in jars for a week.

A week later it was time to use a variety of spices, garlic, ginger, white vinegar and oil and green hot chillies. I toasted the dry spices, fried the garlic and ginger, added some sugar. Put all these together in separate jars, so all these along with the lemons that were waiting in salt and turmeric had to be combined.

The next step was to leave them on the kitchen window to get infused. The sun was a factor, but occasionally it did shine and I succeeded in getting the lemons infused with all the other ingredients.

I’m delighted with the result, for I have a few jars of tasty pickles. I gave away a few, I’m hoping to get back the empty jars.

I’m motivated to add  pickling lemons as my hobby!

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Daily Prompt : Reprieve

In response to daily post’s prompt : Reprieve

The kids thought the  snowstorm was so cool,

It gave them reprieve from attending school.

Mom however thought it was not so great,

She wished her kids didn’t get such a break.

How would she keep them busy  all day,

It’s not easy to have them in she’d say.

After the first hour they’d  get  restless,

Keeping them quiet would cause her distress.

Let’s pray that Nature  would be considerate,

Spare all the mothers and not so hard-hearted!

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Daily Prompt : Survive

In response to the prompt : Survive

I believe we need physical and mental strength to survive the long winters in our city. Just when we think winter is over, the weatherman announces there will be a  snowstorm with close to fifteen or more cm of pure white snow. I  wonder isn’t it the month of May? How can we have a snowstorm this late in the season?

But Nature keeps on changing its mind and we the residents try our utmost to get through yet another bout of the white feathery stuff, which we didn’t think would come back, this late in the year.

While we manage to withstand this blow, Nature connives to check our endurance. I can hear from the distance, ‘yo humans it’s all your fault, you do not respect the environment, you dump garbage all over the world, we are not going to standby and watch your actions, we will indeed remind you, You reap what you sow!’

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Daily prompt : Impression

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Impression

Pardon my Impression !

I’m too proud was my classmate’s Impression,

I asked her, how did she come to this conclusion?

I do not talk to anyone was her reply,

Stunned I was, I breathed a sigh!

Mom  told me to stay quiet outside,

Otherwise they will hurt your pride.

I listened to the voice of reason,

But had a feeling it was the wrong season!












Daily Prompt : Catapult

In response to daily post’s prompt : Catapult

Story of a maiden

My in-laws placed the red chillies on a sheet,

But the dreadful Ravens were having a treat,

Guarding the pepper was a naĂŻve maiden,

Who was a  young one from distant Aden .

She announced out loud she had a sling-shot,

To drive them from the yard to forget her not.

Something was not right she soon understood,

The Ravens continued to eat the tasty food.

She screamed and cried for help that day,

I rushed out to know what she had to say.

She yelled and said,  ‘why aren’t the birds scared?’

I told her the way she held the slingshot was weird.

The crows knew she was a novice who had no idea,

How to use the weapon she brought in that area!


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