Daily Prompt : Temporary

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Temporary


When I applied for a teaching job, the principal of a local school, told me. ‘Well Ms. this is a temporary job, the teacher is on leave, would you be interested?’

I thought for a while about my prospects as  a teacher. Not so good my mind whispered, it’s a job as a substitute, the experience you receive here will probably not counted after you are relieved off your duties as a teacher in this particular position.

This short-lived work will only give me a very pessimistic view of life as a teacher. When the students are aware their teacher is a substitute they think it’s play time, they treat you like crap and spend their time either fighting with each other or are continuously rowdy.

I decided to refuse the temporary job and wait for one that had better probability of becoming permanent.

There are different scenarios  of a temporary job, one is you are replacing someone for a few weeks, the other because you are a new recruit, they’d like to try out for at least a year. By the end of the year, they seem to know all about you, whether you are good, bad or worse than anyone they the hiring masters saw.

If you are lucky they will give you the opportunity to prove yourself and a year in most cases is enough. I went through this test when I started my teaching career in North America. The Principal was a kind person who treated me well, and judged my talent, not where I came from. He gave me  a permanent contract after the first year which made me feel lucky.

…………………………………… 🙂