Daily Prompt : Tender

In response to daily post’s  prompt : Tender

Our Feline Sophie

We saw our new addition in a  pet  store. She was up for adoption, I saw a striking resemblance of her with our adorable JD, who died years ago of cancer.

This little feline  weighed less than a kilo. She was initially named Daphne by the SPCA, I felt the name did not suit her.

My daughter and I were discussing the right name for this delicate kitten, suddenly I said out loud, ‘what about Sophie?’  It was a perfect name for her I thought. Both my daughter and I agreed to name her, Sophie.

A few days later I noticed the kitten, could not meow, in other words, something was wrong with her vocal  cord  . We could not get back to the SPCA to find out what happened. All they told us, they saw her in Bell Island with another cat, they were able to capture Sophie but the other one got away.

Today Sophie is a sweet, soft, and kind-hearted cat, she gets along well with the  other two felines!

…………………………………. 🙂