Daily Prompt : Local

In response to one-word prompt : Local

Here in my neighborhood, we have a small strip mall, there are a few stores here, but most of the space is  for parking. There was a time when there were no parking meters,  this convenience is no longer available because  the mayor thought it is a good opportunity to make money.

There are city workers whose only incentive is to watch the meters like a hawk, if God forbid a vehicle owner is late by a half a second, he’d have to pay a fine of fifteen dollars.

At the end of the parking lot the city has donated a small area for vendors to bring their local produce to sell.

One day I went to see what kind of produce the vendors were selling. One of the vendors’ had a variety of vegetables, what caught my eyes were green chillies. I picked one up, which was about the size of my index finger, now I wasn’t thinking of buying one but a nice bunch. I asked the vendor, ‘How much is this?’

She looked at me and said, ‘one dollar each,’ and added, ‘I grow it in my green house.’

I looked at her, said, ‘thank you,’  and came home.

I think the local vendors charge too much money for their produce. This is why they are unable to sell it!