Daily Prompt : Lust

In response to one-word prompt : Lust

History proves, lust for power is the cause of downfall of humans. Some humans fall due to their insatiable greed for money, more they have, more they want. It makes humans lose their conscience, they accumulate money by stealing, making deals with crooks, in the end trap themselves in a dire situation.

I remember reading about Mahmud of  Ghazni, who loved money, it’s obvious he amassed it by unfair means, it’s alleged by historians that in his deathbed he requested the people around him to show him all his money, when they did so, he cried because he couldn’t take it with him.

This proves money is not everything, it’s not the gateway to heaven more than likely it’s the gateway to hell, if the person got this money by deceiving, lying and cheating innocent people.

I am sure this craving for power and money is an addiction, it gives no peace to the one who has it and makes other people around him, concerned because his behavior is so unpredictable.

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Daily Prompt : Pest

In response to one-word prompt : Pest 

Leaves of our trees are thinning these days,

We try to help them in all sorts of ways.

My neighbor says, ‘the pests are eating them,

Ask the Arborist, perhaps he can use his gem.’

‘What kind is it?’ I ask,

He says, ‘it’s a small task,

They will  spray your trees with pesticide,

‘It’s a simple thing, for you to decide,

If you want to stop the attack, which is one of the ways!’

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Tagore song ,posted and translated by ranu,lyrics by Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore’s tribute to his Motherland:

O’ the soil of my motherland,

I kneel at your feet.

Through you I see my world,

you are my endless protector.

You are merged in my body and soul,

Your dark green image is burned in my mind.

I was born in your lap,

And wish to die on your breast.

I will spend my time on your soil, in grief and happiness.

You fed my hungry soul,

and cooled my body with fresh water.

You suffer without complaint,

And bear whatever you face.

You have given me everything,

I know not what I gave in return.

I spent my life in useless work,

You gave me energy,

It is in vain you gave me this vigor!

……………………………………… :


Daily Prompt : Hidden

In response to the prompt : Hidden

I see a mound of soil in my garden,

I must find out what lies hidden.

Under this pile of clay,

It’s hardly a   child’s play,

Someone concealed  something in my garden!

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Daily Prompt : Tea

In response to one-word prompt : Tea

Whenever my friend visits me,

My brother smiles with glee.

This is the time for him to buy sweets,

How can one serve  Tea, without treats?

Why is he so generous, I ask all of a sudden,

‘I get a free plate,’ answers my brother the glutton!

In that case, ‘I’ll serve plain Tea to my friend,’

‘You can’t do that, it is not a good trend.’

‘Really?’ I say, ‘what is good I’ll decide,’

But it’s unconventional he replied.

‘All right,’ I said, ‘here’s the money,

stop eating sweets dear brother sunny!’

…………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Fragrance

In response to daily prompt : Fragrance

When I think of fragrance, aroma, or a pleasant smell,  I think of my mom’s chicken in yogurt sauce , instantly it awakens my appetite, I cannot  wait to taste it.

Chicken by itself has no pleasing qualities, whether I look at it or smell its flesh, it turns me off. I turn around  to see something more pleasing to my eyes than a body of a chicken. It is so strange when this same animal when it’s smeared with the spices in my mother’s cupboard, cooked by my mom, I forget an hour ago, I disliked it  and now am eager to eat it.

The spices my mother uses are, ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, cloves, nutmeg, cardamoms green and brown, cayenne, cinnamon stick and the bay leaf,mixed together with fried onions, clarified butter and yogurt, they give  the most heavenly aroma.  These are the ingredients my mom uses to cook the chicken.

This is the   recipe to cook  chicken in yogurt sauce. It’s flavor is unbelievable and it is very tasty!

…………………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Dormant

In response to daily post’s prompt : Dormant

The lion and the rabbit

The Dormant lion woke up when it felt someone tickling his ear. It roared so loud the tiny rabbit, jumped to run away. Unfortunately it couldn’t go too far, the lion caught it with its paw. He yelled and said,   ‘how dare you tickle my ear, I’ll eat you with one gulp.’

It scared little rabbit, it begged the king of the jungle to set it free, ‘my mom is waiting for me, it’s dinner time.’

‘Huh,’ said the lion, ‘you think I care if your mother doesn’t see you again, besides I’m famished, I want food now, I know you are a  tasty treat.’

The rabbit begged it not to eat it,  ‘my meat is not tasty at all, if you eat me you’ll get sick,  this is what mom said.’

‘Oh yeah, how does your mother know? I’d like to see your mom.’

Little rabbit led the lion to its mother’s place, they walked on and on and on, the lion felt tired, ‘he growled and said,  ‘if you don’t take me to your mom’s house soon , I will eat you right now.’

‘Let’s hop on, said the rabbit,  I can see my mom’s place, we’ll reach there in a jiffy.’

The lion started walking slowly, suddenly it collapsed, it closed its eyes and it started snoring.

The rabbit yelled, ‘yahoo, time to run .’

And he ran all the way home!

…………………………………… 🙂