Daily Prompt : Savor

In response to WordPress’s daily prompt : Savor

Chapli Kebab, a true story    🙂

While attending college in Lahore, we went on an educational trip to Peshawar, on our way we stopped at Landi kotal. I had no idea why we stopped there, we stayed on the bus.

My friend Saira pointed out a place where they were frying ground meat. She at once said,  ‘Chaman, look they are frying chapli Kebab, I think our Superintendent will order it for lunch.’

I wasn’t as enthusiastic as she was, my problem was they were cooking on the roadside, with all that dust blowing, it cannot be a healthy lunch for us. I at once exclaimed, ‘but Saira, they are frying outdoors, the place isn’t clean!’

Saira knew I had no idea how tasty these kebabs are, she laughed and replied,  ‘wait till you try it, you will never, forget how good they are.’

I was skeptical, ‘really are they as good as you say they are?’

Saira laughed,  ‘youll see.’

The kebabs were bought, and were served with naan. I reluctantly took a bite,  my idea of street food   changed after one bite. I started eating with unexplained relish. After each bite I exclaimed WOW! These are really good. I never ate anything this tasty.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to eat something which was not cooked by my Mom. This one  changed my negative thoughts  of street food.

This month of Ramadan I saw some videos of chapli kebab recipes, I watched a few and picked one to try myself, because I was fasting I could not taste it immediately, my daughter tasted it, she was stunned, Mom,  ‘these are so good!’ She said.

I am so lucky to Savor, these kebabs once again!

………………………………….. 🙂