Daily Prompt : Edible

In response to the prompt : Edible

My unfortunate experience at a restaurant!

Yesterday I was not in a mood to cook, I had cooked   food in my fridge, but I craved to eat out. I told my daughter,  ‘let’s go out for supper.’

Selina  said, ‘okay, I’ll check restaurants online.’

There were two new ones, we opted for the one we were familiar with.

We were happy going to a known restaurant than the unknown. We arrived at the parking lot and noticed there were a  few cars. Our impression was it’s a good day, why would people go to a restaurant, perhaps they preferred a picnic outdoors.

When we entered the restaurant the manager greeted us. It surprised me,  but did not suspect anything, when he opened the menu and said, ‘ we cannot use our grill, we cannot offer grilled chicken beef or hamburgers, but you can order sandwiches or salads.’

We understood why he greeted us.

Both Selina and I ordered a steak salad and asked the hostess if there was any problem, she offered to check inside. A few minutes later, she came back and said, ‘ It’s okay to order steak salad, it won’t take long.’

We placed our order, it took more than forty-five minutes to get our salads. The plate had mostly lettuce , which didn’t look at all appetizing. There were chunks of meat,and goat cheese on the lettuce leaves.

We put up a brave face and started eating I tried to chew a piece of meat which was not so good, I was having a tough time swallowing, I managed after shoving some lettuce in my mouth, it was an ordeal. After spending a few more minutes to eat the inedible salad, we both gave up and waited till the waitress came back.

She noticed we had our plates full, she asked, ‘Do you want me to put it in a box for you?’

‘No,’  I said,  ‘bring the bill.’

She came back and said, ‘we won’t charge you for the salad, you didn’t really eat it.’

It was a nice gesture on her part. We thought the food did not look Edible!’

………………………………….. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Edible

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It was good that the waitress offered, without being asked first, to not charge you for the salad.

    All good wishes,


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