Tagore song ,posted and translated by ranu,lyrics by Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore’s tribute to his Motherland:

O’ the soil of my motherland,

I kneel at your feet.

Through you I see my world,

you are my endless protector.

You are merged in my body and soul,

Your dark green image is burned in my mind.

I was born in your lap,

And wish to die on your breast.

I will spend my time on your soil, in grief and happiness.

You fed my hungry soul,

and cooled my body with fresh water.

You suffer without complaint,

And bear whatever you face.

You have given me everything,

I know not what I gave in return.

I spent my life in useless work,

You gave me energy,

It is in vain you gave me this vigor!

……………………………………… :



10 thoughts on “Tagore song ,posted and translated by ranu,lyrics by Tagore

  1. We get our identity as an individual through what we have within us but as a natural man we are identified by our environment and the biggest reflection of this identity comes from the motherland. Tagore in his usual profound and easy manner shows how this works.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Shafique requested me to write this translation, I’m really pleased to read
      your comment, Akhtar Bhai.

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