Daily Prompt: Memorize

In response to daily prompt : Memorize

Johnny goes shopping!

Johnny’s mother sent him to buy some groceries for her. She volunteered to write a list of all the things she wanted. Mom said Johnny,  ‘I’ll remember you don’t need to write a list.’

Little Johnny repeated everything his mom wanted. Every now and then he said out loud,  ‘mom wants a bag of sugar, a packet of tea, a litre of milk, a pound of flour, a dozen eggs.

His aim was to go to the little corner store, while walking along the road, he met his friend, Donny. They stopped and started talking, Donny said,  ‘John let’s watch the soccer match.’

‘No,’ said Johnny,  ‘I’m going  grocery shopping  for my mom, I can’t watch the match.’

‘Please,’  said Donny,   ‘just for five minutes.’

‘Okay,’ says  Johnny,  ‘only five minutes, mom needs these soon.’

Donny says,  ‘let me see the list.’

‘It’s in my brain,’ yelled Johnny!

‘Did you memorize the list?’  asked Donny.

‘Yes,’ Johnny  was losing his temper.

‘I bet you don’t remember,’ Donny laughed.

‘Yes I do,’  Johnny was angry and tried to remember, the list. He tried to repeat it.

Let me see, a pound of eggs, coffee beans, a jar of salt, and potatoes. He felt confident these are the things his mom wanted.

While buying groceries, he couldn’t remember how many potatoes he should buy. He picked up salt, coffee and a dozen roses. When he asked the sales girl for a pound of eggs, the girl burst out laughing, ‘We do not sell eggs by the pound, they come in half a dozen or a dozen, check your list.’  She said.

Johnny’s memory  failed him, what will he do?

He paid for the rest of the items but left out eggs.

He found his mom waiting at the door,   ‘What took you so long?’ She said.

With tears in his eyes he admitted, ‘Mom I’m so sorry I could not remember the things you wanted!’




Daily Prompt : Enamored

In response to daily prompt : Enamored

US open grand slam tennis is on TV,

I love watching the Spaniard Garbine.

She is young and she is fascinating,

Take  time to watch her I’m not kidding.

Then again there is Roger the great,

His fans are enamored by his style,

If you don’t know him wait just a while.

Last night he played against Tiafoe,

Who is a teenager who was in court to show.

Some day the fans will become enamored

By him who promises to make you charmed.

I say to him, ‘Tiafoe, my dear you’ll have to wait,

Winning Tennis against a legend will make you regret,

I kid you not, for the diehard fans of Roger will boo you I bet!’

……………………………….. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Rhyme

In response  to the prompt : Rhyme

Without Rhyme or reason I went for a walk,

When I went half way I was unable to talk.

Suddenly along the way appears my pal Evie,

She burst out into a laughter when she saw me.

‘Hi, chaman’, she said, ‘I was about to call you,

But my phone lost charge, I knew not  what to do.’

Something happened I lost my voice,

I cried because I had no choice.

Evie used sign language, so I could laugh,

But we stared at each other for hour and a half.

I know I’m trying very hard to rhyme,

Whether I’ve done it I know not this time!

………………………………… 🙂






Daily Prompt : Magnetic

In response to one-word prompt  : Magnetic

The prompt Magnetic reminds me of our former Prime Minister, late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I used to think he is worthy of the office of the Prime Minister, he was educated, smart and charismatic.

When he spoke English, you’d think, he was a native, similarly he spoke French like a real Frenchman. He was never afraid to say what was on his mind, he did not lie like some politicians, we hear these days. But then he was unique, we Canadians were fortunate and proud to have a Prime Minister like him.

………………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt : Synchronize

In response to daily prompt : SYNCHRONIZE

Synchronized traffic lights is rarely  seen,

driving is a pleasure when the lights   turn green.

But if you are unfortunate and the light turns red,

All you can see are streams of red lights ahead.

We must learn to share good and bad with ease,

We cannot have everything we please.

Enjoy while you can  every passing day,

Be prepared when things don’t go your way!

……………………………….. 🙂








Daily Prompt : Visceral

In response to one-word prompt : Visceral

I’ll tell you a story of our two felines,

I think they are better than canines.

Raphael says our friend, ‘he is Visceral,

But Gabriel he says,  ‘I think is Cerebral.’

We wanted to see, how far it’s true,

We must watch them to get a clue.

One day I showed Raphael how to open a door,

Next day he showed me it’s not a chore.

Opening doors was his favorite pastime,

He opened kitchen door during lunchtime.

It was so bad we changed the doorknob,

To open the new knobs was a hard job.

While we know Raphael is a  natural,

We’d like to know which one is Visceral!

………………………………… 🙂






Daily Prompt : Ooze

In response to one-word prompt : OOZE

One summer our Dad took us to Bangladesh. Our first stop was Lahore, Pakistan, from there we changed planes to go to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We took a train from Dhaka to go to our Grandparents, home in the village. It took us close to 8 hours to reach Feni a small town, close to our Grandparents village. The village was twelve miles from the town. My Dad hired two taxis to take us there. This was the first time, we met our cousins, aunts and uncles.

One evening I saw two of my uncle’s servants  climbing a date tree, which belonged to my uncle. They tied their ankles with a rope. I was curious I asked them, ‘why did you tie your ankles?’

They laughed because I had no clue. In reply they said, ‘it helps us to climb the tree.’

This part I kind of understood, but why are they  taking the pitchers, one of them explained they needed them to tie onto the tree, so when they make a cut, the juice from the tree would collect in the pitcher.

Apparently they have to do this late in the afternoon so the juice which slowly oozes out all night will fill the pitcher.

The raw juice is not very tasty, but the juice is boiled in big pots, as it boils the fluids turn thicker like molasses.

They do not leave it at the molasses stage, but keep boiling it until it is the right thickness to turn into jaggery(it’s a concentrated product of date, cane sugar).

Jaggery is used to make delicious sweets.

…………………………………… 🙂