Daily Prompt : Foggy

In response to one-word prompt: Foggy

My mind is foggy about certain places, certain foods, and certain events in my life. One thing is sure, I will never forget the day we had a solar eclipse, I was about eight nine years old, our teacher told us not to look directly at the sun. My classmates pointed at the eclipse, I looked directly at it, I forgot what the nuns told us.

I was so fascinated by what I saw I could not help looking at it. When I came home I did the same. In the evening I noticed my blurred vision. I did not tell my dad, I hoped it would go away, it took a few days, I thanked my lucky stars and promised, I’d never do this again. This memory of the eclipse did not fade.

Certain foods I had years ago is fresh in my mind. After the month of Ramadan, we have a day when we celebrate by eating delicious food and we wear new clothes, on one of these occasions, my mom could not cook due to ill-health, our servant cooked that day. I do not know how he cooked the pilaf , I disliked the taste and refused to eat pilaf for several years. The trauma of eating our servant’s cooking still remains sharp in my memory.

Also I find some languages are difficult than others. I hear a lot of French, because our official language is English and French. One day I went to a store where they sell cups and saucers. The sales girl, excitedly told me about the sale in her store. she spoke in French, she spoke so fast, I could not understand a word she said. I smiled and said,    ‘I haven’t the foggiest idea what you just said.’

It’s after her co-worker explained in English I understood what she meant!

……………………………….. 🙂