Bengali song singer Hemant Kumar,posted and translated by ranu

Today’s prompt is : Symphony

In response to this prompt : Symphony

What is symphony? it’s a pleasing arrangement of colors, and shapes.

Translation by Ranu:

For the prompt, “Symphony,”  I used Tagore’s  song and translated it in English. In my mind it has music, and portrays thoughts of the poet. There is rhythm in it and Hemant Kumar’s unusual voice is sweet and pleasing to one’s ears.

Your words alone are not enough, my friend and beloved,

from time to time, I’d like to feel your touch as well,

I have no idea how to quench my day’s thirst and relief of exhaustion from the day’s walk.

I’m trying to convey to you how it’s fulfilled by your presence,

My heart wants to give, it’s not satisfied with receiving alone.

Extend your hand, put it in mine,

I want to hold it, fill it and keep it with me.

It will help my loneliness, o my friend and beloved!

…………………………………….. 🙂