Daily Prompt : Spicy

In response to the prompt : Spicy

When it comes to food, I like it  spicy. One day, my husband and I with our two good friends decided to have Sheesh Kebab for dinner, my husband bought beef and cleaned and sliced the piece of meat into small thin slices. Our daughter was a year old. I cooked a mild flavored chicken dish for her.

Our aim was to make the beef sheesh kebab spicy. I was in charge I used a good amount of cayenne, a quarter teaspoon of cloves, some cinnamon to enhance the flavor, fresh ginger and garlic paste. We marinated the beef mixture for about two hours.

We lived in an apartment in Montreal, we didn’t barbecue in the kitchen, to avoid the aroma in our bedroom, and living room.

The only proper place to barbecue was the balcony. I had the beef ready, my husband grilled it, we brought the kebabs in the dining room and I set the table.

I put my daughter in her high chair, and served her chicken with some rice, she noticed we were eating something different, she made a fuss, she wanted to eat the kebab, not the chicken. I said, ‘Selina the kebab is hot, you cannot eat it.’

She refused to listen and stretched her little hand for the meat. I thought she’d stop eating once she tastes it, she continued eating and  pulled  her tongue, because it was so hot. I tried to convince her the chicken is better, but  she refused to eat it..

I had to surrender  and prayed she won’t get sick.  We had a wonderful time eating the sheesh kebab. It worried me because my little kid wanted to eat the kebabs that were too hot for her!

……………………………………… 🙂

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