Daily Prompt : Organize

In response to prompt : Organize

I remember once I was given a list of words, I had to arrange them in alphabetical order. It may seem an easy task when you hear about it. You may even say alphabetical order, it’s easy. It really takes some thinking. Here is a poem, it may tell you, putting things in order is not an easy task.

Construct, co-ordinate, create, catalogue, classify,

Are some synonyms of the prompt Organize.

Let us put these words in alphabetical order,

All these words begin with the letter C

Let’s read the words and see which C word comes first,

Catalogue is first, classify is second, co-ordinate  is third,

Construct is fourth and create is the last word in this order.

Can you guess how I’ve come to this conclusion?

……………………………………. 🙂