Daily Prompt : Lurch

In response to one-word prompt : Lurch

My baby sitter left me in the lurch,

She didn’t give me time to search.

Good sitters are not easy to find,

I thought I would lose my mind.

Suddenly I was  lost in a trance,

I was thinking what if by chance.

My mom would come and stay with me,

And say, ‘Dear Ranu I think I can see.’

You need me, I’m delighted I can spare,

A few days with you and the kids so dear.’

Some one shook me I opened my eyes,

Saw a pretty woman, I tell no lies.

Said she, ‘I was walking this way,

Someone stopped me on this day.’

‘Please help my Ranu, be her sitter,

It’ll help her and you’ll feel better!’

………………………………… 🙂