Daily Prompt : Enamored

In response to daily prompt : Enamored

US open grand slam tennis is on TV,

I love watching the Spaniard Garbine.

She is young and she is fascinating,

Take  time to watch her I’m not kidding.

Then again there is Roger the great,

His fans are enamored by his style,

If you don’t know him wait just a while.

Last night he played against Tiafoe,

Who is a teenager who was in court to show.

Some day the fans will become enamored

By him who promises to make you charmed.

I say to him, ‘Tiafoe, my dear you’ll have to wait,

Winning Tennis against a legend will make you regret,

I kid you not, for the diehard fans of Roger will boo you I bet!’

……………………………….. 🙂